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Speed Ahead™ With Superior Property Valuations

CoreLogic offers fast and high-quality valuation services using our advanced data and technology. To maintain our position as the industry leader in cycle times, we apply innovation throughout the appraisal life cycle – from order placement through quality control – to accelerate turn times and improve your experience.

No matter where you do business or where your customers are, our products will help you complete your purchase, refi, home equity and loan servicing processes faster.

Industry-Leading Cycle Times

Our industry-leading cycle times are a result of our relentless focus on speeding up your process.

Our innovative technology cuts wasted time, resulting in faster turn times that can be measured in days.

CoreLogic Valuation Services can help your business Speed Ahead.

What We Offer

Industry-Leading Speed

Our order completion rates consistently outpace industry averages, helping you accelerate turn times and close more loans on time.

Quality Solutions

Our extensive quality control and compliance measures reduce your risk and ensure quality appraisals.

Innovative Technology

Leverage comprehensive data and analytics from our leading platforms, seamlessly integrated into your systems, to empower your business with valuable insights to help boost efficiency and performance.

Largest Scale

We have the industry's largest network of dedicated staff appraisers who work exclusively for CoreLogic Valuation Services.

Superior Support

We offer a high-end, personal-touch service model featuring dedicated Account and Escalations Management teams.

Appraisals and Reviews

We offer high-quality standard residential appraisals, delivered quickly. We have the industry’s largest reserved capacity of staff appraisers combined with over 17,000 independent vendors spanning every county in the U.S. and all residential property types.

In addition, we offer desk reviews and two levels of field reviews, completed by local appraisers. All of our products undergo extensive quality control to ensure accuracy and compliance.

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Property Condition Reports

Property Condition Reports are available for exterior property condition assessments. All CoreLogic reports are conducted by trained Field Services Inspectors. Supplement your AVM with a CoreLogic PCR for a complete, compliant and efficient valuation resource.

Broker Valuations

When you need to value a property quickly and without the expense of a full appraisal, CoreLogic offers Broker Valuations conducted by a licensed real estate agent. We combine our comprehensive data with qualified staff to deliver fast and affordable valuations without sacrificing accuracy.

Broker Price Opinion

Provides three comparable sales and listings. Digital photos of the subject. Digital and/or current MLS photos provided for comparable properties. Completed by a licensed real estate agent. Interior and exterior available.

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Enhanced Broker Price Opinion

Our Enhanced BPO includes additional property and market information to include more comprehensive property details and market information for a more informed decision.

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Residential Property Evaluation

This valuation product establishes an accurate market value opinion based on the neighborhood, three comparable sales, current market conditions, home improvements and an exterior inspection. Interior and exterior available.

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Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

The speed, breadth of data, objectivity and lower price point of AVMs help clients improve efficiency and lower costs in their valuation efforts.

CoreLogic automated valuation models are powered by our proprietary and patented methodology. Other AVM providers license our methodology for use in their products.

We stay on the forefront of the industry by refining our products to consistently deliver a high level of accuracy and hit rate.