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The Data You Need to Make Better Decisions

CoreLogic can provide “life of trade” solutions with credit, property valuation and property records data to fine-tune your pre-bid analysis and help manage post-bid and post settlement monitoring. We can also help you identify pitfalls like “silent seconds,” financially stressed borrowers, and delinquent HOA and tax liens. In fact, CoreLogic can append over 60 additional data elements at the property, borrower and loan level quickly and efficiently, including:

  • Current AVM value
  • Updated borrower credit status
  • Home Price Index forecast
  • HOA status
  • Past delinquencies
  • Default and loss projections
  • Subordinate lien lenders and details
  • Negative amortization indication
  • Delinquent taxes and tax liens with details

Some of the most daunting challenges facing whole loan traders can now be addressed through CoreLogic data and analytics.

Undisclosed Lien Exposure

While it may be tempting to rely solely on LTV to base your investment decisions, undisclosed subsequent liens make many loans riskier than you may have assumed. Smart, informed decision-making requires the full picture.

CoreLogic has developed proprietary matching logic that leverages credit data and property records data to help identify every type of loan obligation, not just those that are traditionally mortgage-related (purchase, refinance and home equity), but also HOA, tax, and mechanics liens.

Understanding lien prioritization is critical to understanding the true LTV in trading decisions. CoreLogic can provide this kind of dynamic public record and proprietary data at the property, borrower and loan level quickly and efficiently.

Understanding the Borrower

You’re preparing to bid on a portfolio of whole loans. But the information on the borrowers hasn’t been updated since the loan was originated. Life events, such as illness, job loss or divorce can dramatically change the credit profile of a borrower. Many traders don’t realize that they have permissible use to pull a credit report before buying or investing in any loan. CoreLogic can help determine the current status of the borrower with an updated credit score, undisclosed liens, delinquent taxes and other judgments.

Valuation Insight

In today’s market, understanding the true value of the asset you are acquiring or trading is critical. An AVM can give you one point of reference, but it doesn’t tell you if that particular market is headed up…or down. CoreLogic offers the deepest valuation insight available in the market with dynamic public record and proprietary data. Data such as current and forecasted property valuation, listing details, and nearby foreclosure and auction activity, and more.

Life of Trade Solutions

Leveraging CoreLogic data and analytics can enhance your decisioning at every stage of whole loan trading:


Proprietary CoreLogic automated match and append techniques deliver a variety of property specific insights including ownership checks, voluntary and involuntary liens, foreclosure analysis, taxes and tax delinquencies, current balance and statutes of liens, lien position analysis, AVMs, equity analysis, MLS flags, and home characteristics. In addition, borrower credit information such as credit scores and tradeline analysis is permissible at this stage.


All the data available in Pre-Bid can be supplemented in the Post-Bid. At this stage, CoreLogic can deliver detailed lien and portfolio risk reports with or without credit; full ownership records with legal description, ownership match, and detailed tax information. CoreLogic also can provide a valuation risk score that can be leveraged to validate a BPO value and analyze comparable values and market conditions.

Post-Settlement and Portfolio Management

CoreLogic offers ongoing surveillance and reporting monthly which can include voluntary and involuntary lien monitoring, HOA/Super Lien reporting and property HOA action notification, loss analysis and reporting, data and document retrieval, and assignment verification.


Reference Guide

Get a comprehensive description of how CoreLogic can enhance your whole loan decisioning, surveillance and portfolio management with our “Life of Trade Workflow” reference guide.