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Appraisal Gap Falls as Fast as it Had Previously Risen

The housing market’s recovery in summer 2020 from the outbreak of the pandemic was largely unexpected: by July, despite a high unemployment rate with more than 16.3 million people out of work, home sales rebounded strongly to climb back to pre-pandemic levels and surpassed the same-period sales from a year ago.

What’s the Secret to Increasing Appraised Value?

In this episode, host Maiclaire Bolton Smith is joined by the Appraiser Coach, Dustin Harris. He discusses the value of truth, the impact of appraisal bias and reveals the secret to increasing the appraised value of a home.

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Appraisal Gap Increases in “Hot” Markets

In studying the appraisal gap, we see several interesting correlations between home price appreciation, buyers paying more than listing price and buyers paying more than the appraised value.