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Hurricane Sally

Overnight, Hurricane Sally strengthened to a high-end Category 2 storm, making landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama with maximum sustained winds of 105mph. Interestingly, Sally made

Think Like a Seismologist

Do you ever hear that an earthquake has occurred and wonder if it will be damaging? Or wonder why you’ll hear that a Magnitude 6

Generic Earthquake Image

Earthquake: M7.7 Near Cuba

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake occurred on January 28 at 2:10 PM EST, situated about 75 miles northwest of Jamaica, approximately 80 miles southwest of Cuba’s

Top 15 Metro Areas with Wildfire Risk

Over the past several years, the United States has experienced record-breaking wildfires. In 2018 alone, a total of 8,767,492 acres burned – an area roughly

Rebuilding from Hurricane Dorian

A Lesson for Communities Everywhere Hurricane Dorian, the strongest tropical cyclone to ever to hit the Bahamas, impacted the islands with hurricane-force winds from September