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The Long-View of Housing Appreciation

Is 2021 the hottest real estate market ever? According to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index (HPI), annual U.S. appreciation rates from April to September have been at their highest since the inception of the index. CoreLogic’s public records data shows 2021 is easily on pace to be the first year where total residential housing transactions will exceed $2 trillion

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Appraisal Gap Falls as Fast as it Had Previously Risen

The housing market’s recovery in summer 2020 from the outbreak of the pandemic was largely unexpected: by July, despite a high unemployment rate with more than 16.3 million people out of work, home sales rebounded strongly to climb back to pre-pandemic levels and surpassed the same-period sales from a year ago.

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Comparing Two Home Price Booms, Fifteen Years Apart

As home prices soar in 2021, many comparisons are being made between the current housing environment and the one in 2006. However, despite recent double-digit home price appreciation, the mortgage payment to purchase a home is substantially more affordable than it was 15 years ago.

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Three-Year Housing and Mortgage Outlook

December 2020 Economic Outlook 30-year fixed-rate loans to remain below 3% during early 2021 and average about 3.2% during the next three years. Millennials will