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Aerial view of home with solar panels.

What Do You Know About PACE, A Once Fast-Growing Home Improvement Loan?

PACE is an abbreviation for Property Assessed Clean Energy. PACE loans provide financing for green and renewable energy home improvements, although it is not limited to such. Retrofitting properties with energy upgrades is costly, and PACE provides incentives such as 100% long-term financing.

Aerial view of suburban homes

Did COVID-19 Affect Property Tax Appeal Trends in the Largest Texas County?

Harris is the largest county in Texas and provides detailed data around the annual property tax appeal cycles. CoreLogic examined this data to identify key trends and analyze whether the COVID-19 pandemic affected activity. For this study, we focused on appeals between 2016 and 2021 for only real estate properties.

Family of three standing in front of a single family home

New Home Sales Trends

New home sales trends are occurring in areas with lower cost-of-living, lower population density and nearby outdoor amenities.