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Invaluable Tools for Valuation. No company delivers a more complete view of a given property’s value than CoreLogic. We arm appraisers with the most trusted appraiser software in the industry, provide a solution suite that sets the gold standard for valuation guidance, and deliver world-class appraiser education that keeps our clients at the top of their game.


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With speed, accuracy, and support, CoreLogic provides the innovative solutions you need to take your appraisal business to the next level. Our comprehensive suite of appraiser technology solutions are backed by superior training and unrivaled support—to move you forward.

Focused on the Big Picture with Solutions Aimed at Helping Appraisers Run Their Entire Business

From the moment you receive an order until it’s delivered, CoreLogic provides the innovative solutions you need to manage your entire appraisal business. Our comprehensive suite of appraiser technology solutions save time every step of the way, maximizing your output with efficiency gains throughout your entire appraisal workflow. Experience why more than half the nation’s appraisals are stamped with the CoreLogic a la mode name.

Powering the Valuation Industry with World-class Education and Training Anytime, Anywhere

Dedicated to training current and future generations of appraisers and valuation professionals, CoreLogic’s Columbia Institute empowers its student professionals to make faster, smarter decisions through simplified, modernized and accelerated training. Our student professionals join our classes and conferences not only to expand their breadth of knowledge and expertise, but also to give back by sharing their invaluable experience and insights with others.

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Fast, Reliable Structure Valuations Right at your Fingertips

We literally wrote the book on property valuation.

The Marshall & Swift solution suite from CoreLogic has been written directly into the legislation of more than 30 U.S. states. Today, it is the go-to source for the public and private sector property valuation across the U.S. and Canada.

Built on a foundation of more than 85 years of continual analysis of construction costs, Marshall & Swift’s cost data sets the industry’s gold standard. Our unique method of collecting and analyzing building-cost data that can be used for any real property, is backed by one of the most defendable, comprehensive databases in the industry.

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What Our Customers Say

“I was trained on ACI. I had no objections to it, and it seemed okay — until a friend showed me TOTAL. I did the free 30-day trial, and it was amazing. One of the things that the people who advised me kept saying was “it’s so robust” — it’s very robust software. There’s a lot about TOTAL that I haven’t learned, yet, because there are so many things it can do. But just gathering data to do different appraisals is much easier for me than with ACI. It’s not even close.”
Derek Citty
Appraiser, DC Appraisal Services
“I finished my continuing education classes with The Columbia Institute today. I’m in my 17th year of appraising and have to say this was one of my best experiences. If you haven’t tried The Columbia Institute for your appraisal classes, I highly recommend them.”
Wade P.
“The support staff at a la mode answers my questions and gets me back to work quickly. It’s been a really good experience. The people there are reliable and are always there for you. They’ll walk you through everything, and they know the ins and outs of the appraisal business. The more you get into the software, the more intuitive and user-friendly it is. And I’m not a tech-heavy kind of person.”
Greg Heinen
Appraiser, Heinen Residential Appraisals

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