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As a leading provider of gold standard data, analytics and platforms, CoreLogic enables real estate professionals, financial institutions, insurance carriers, government agencies, and other housing market participants to help people make their dream of homeownership a reality.

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Our Story

We’re not just part of our industry—we lead it.

From the beginning, CoreLogic has been driven by a single purpose—to innovate and create solutions that solve our clients’ toughest challenges in the housing market. CoreLogic is the trusted source for property intelligence, with deep knowledge of powerful economic, social, and environmental forces that promote healthy housing markets and thriving communities.

CoreLogic offers unrivaled intelligence in the property industry, from our unmatched network of trusted relationships to technical innovations to the insights and foresight that come with deep experience and collaboration. We connect critical touchpoints for a seamless and superior homeownership journey powered by accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date data.

Giving your business the ability to offer clients the most effective solutions in the industry is our passion and our commitment.

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Intelligence Is the Heart of Our Business

Property data is our DNA. At CoreLogic, we take advantage of the extensive suite of data sources available to us and apply intelligence and innovative data-science methods to guide smart decision-making.

At CoreLogic, we provide access to the nation’s largest property and ownership database that is coupled with the country’s most extensive network of field researchers, analysts, and data scientists, delivering the most qualified, comprehensive information available on the market. CoreLogic curates, connects, and uniquely enriches property data with insightful intelligence throughout the housing journey. Our success has been the result of a consistent pursuit of our vision of delivering unique property-level insights that connect and power the global-housing economy.

CLIP: Single Source of Truth for a Property

CoreLogic takes the vast number of disparate sources of property data and connects them to create a persistent, single source of truth for a property. This innovative new industry standard called CLIP®, together with our advanced geospatial data sets, creates a 360-degree view of the property that fuels the housing ecosystem.

Environmental, Social and Governance

We have also built an extensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) platform. It addresses critical needs in both the countries and in the communities where we operate. It’s dedicated to building and maintaining a healthy housing market essential to a prosperous and vibrant society.

Beyond being an integral part of the housing ecosystem, our company also focuses its ESG efforts in the following areas: providing educational opportunities and promoting financial literacy, supporting active and prior service military veterans and their families, enabling high impact housing initiatives, and last, but certainly not least, strengthening our local communities.


Our Outlook for the Future

CoreLogic leadership discusses their outlook for the future.
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Frank Martell - President & CEO

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CoreLogic is proud to be acknowledged by various publications and peer groups across the housing industry.

2021 HW
TECH 100

Tech 100 Real Estate Winner, HousingWire

2021 HW
TECH 100

Tech 100 Mortgage Winner, HousingWire

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