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Real estate portfolios are geographically diverse and governed by multiple taxing authorities and regulations. This can make the process of tracking, reporting and paying property taxes complex and full of potential risk.

Serving the needs of lenders, portfolio owners, investors and franchisors, CoreLogic Commercial Tax Solutions helps eliminate property tax surprises. We provide real-time, API-based access to comprehensive current, delinquent, and sold tax reporting. Our efficient tax payment processing, in-depth valuation analysis and tax appeal support services are designed to help lower costs and improve efficiencies by automating your data flow. Business Personal Property Tax service can also help further optimize your commercial tax workflow.


How Can We Help You?

CoreLogic Commercial Tax Solutions manages and reports on over $20 billion in property taxes each year, maintaining active relationships with approximately 22,000 taxing authorities across the nation.

Comprehensive Research

Reduce risk while improving efficiencies by leveraging current commercial tax data automatically ingested via APIs directly from the nation’s taxing authorities into our platform. We deliver comprehensive research services for areas including:

  • Accurate parcels
  • Agency relationships
  • Prior delinquent or sold status
  • Current payment history
  • Special abatements or exemptions
  • Special or custom data

Our due diligence bundle provides a clear risk assessment for just one property or an entire portfolio, covering:

  • Rapid assessment of commercial tax status
  • Clear due dates
  • Delinquencies
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Best in Class Data and Reporting

We specialize in helping clients increase profitability while mitigating risk through effective Special Tax Research, including Tax Exemptions or Abatements for an Asset or Loan. We will guide you through exception filing requirements and deadlines and then monitor exemptions by dollar amount received.

Our Current Tax Report identifies all current taxes coming due including tax amount, discount amounts, due dates, assessed value, and required payment details at least 10 business days prior to each Economic Loss Date. For delinquent taxes, your report will clearly explain who to pay, how much, the documentation required for payment and any upcoming critical action dates.

Our Sold Tax Reports are designed to simplify complex third party buyers and tax sales scenarios by clearly identifying the tax buyer, the estimated loss of property, and whether or not subsequent tax years are included in the sale.

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Accelerated Origination and Acquisition Services

Gain efficiencies with our expedited Tax Certification search of a target parcel or asset. In as fast as 24 hours, our Tax Certification will return detailed information that includes:

  • Current tax report with detailed assessment
  • Payment status of all parcels by taxing entity
  • Prior year’s delinquent and sold details
  • Redemption amounts and payment requirements
  • Memo bill for current taxes due within 60 days

Our Property Tax Projection/Accruals service leverages historic market and assessed property values, tax rates and payments to help you make strategic payment decisions for the coming year.

Meticulous Monitoring Services

Improve your risk mitigation efforts with our Tax Monitoring Service. CoreLogic will follow-up on all parcels after each tax due date to ensure that the taxes were paid and provide a detailed summary to you no later than 45 days following the due date. If we discover the taxes were not paid in full, we will report the unpaid amount, penalty and/or interest assessed and payoff date by way of our Delinquent Reporting service. For Non-Escrow situations, our Tax Payment Validation provides the same service.

Peace of Mind Payment Management

Our data and automation help you more efficiently manage your commercial tax payments. CoreLogic will automatically obtain all required documentation to process the entire tax cycle, from assessment notices to the tax bill and receipts. When it’s time to pay, CoreLogic manages the entire process and offers flexible payment options including check, ACH, certified funds or federal wire transfer.

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Optimize Your Tax Appeal Workflow

A suite of data products and services to support your asset onboarding, appeal, reporting and payment needs, Tax Appeal Services provide access to information that will enable you to reduce costs. Nationwide coverage includes parcel verification, payee set up and accrual estimates. Receive the assessed values and relevant data to prepare for appeal decisions. With our Initial Valuation data, you will also receive elements such as total initial market, assessed, improvement, land values, current, historical, future estimates, and more.

Focus on your core competency, let us power your appeal operations and help lift the burden of administrative high-risk payment procedures with our proven scaled processes.

CoreLogic Commercial Tax Solutions - CoreLogic provides Property / People Data, Custom Analytics / Reporting, Process Design and System Integratoin, Dedicated Accont Support, and Commercial Valuation Subject Matter Expertise

What Our Customers Say

“Working with [CoreLogic] allows us to provide a high level of service to our borrowers. Their approach to customer service and their extra level of detailed payment support is paramount to meeting our investor and our borrower needs.”
Terry Teach
Vice President, Greystone Servicing Corporation
“TaxQ has made our jobs easier. The system is easy to use and we get what we need in a timely manner. Everyone I worked with through [CoreLogic] has always been friendly and willing to help with any questions we have. Thanks for everything you do!”
Angie Nagel
Manager, Branch Business, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

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