Digital Mortgage Borrower Solutions


Be the bridge between your clients’ dreams and their dream homes. Our simple, intuitive and integrated digital mortgage solutions help you manage costs with cascading credit reporting solutions, accelerate workflows with streamlined borrower verifications, and deliver consistent borrower income calculations in a fraction of the time.


How Can We Help You?

Our digital borrower solutions are designed to work together to automate your workflows, accelerate your underwriting, and maximize your efficiencies so you can deliver a superior customer experience to your borrowers.

Credit Solutions that Help You Manage Applicant Fallout Costs

To help you manage the costs associated with applicant fallout, CoreLogic offers several creative credit reporting packages, each designed to provide you with more cost certainty and enhanced flexibility. Some of the options available to you include:

  • Pre-Qual Cascade
  • Hard Inquiry Cascade
  • Bundled Pricing
  • Subscription Pricing
CoreLogic Digital Borrower Solutions Chart Infographic

The Easy Way to Calculate a Borrower’s Income—Every Time

For many lenders, calculating a borrower’s income is a time-consuming task characterized by inefficient processes and inconsistent results. We have a better way.

CoreLogic’s automated Income Calculation and Analysis Solution streamlines and standardizes existing borrower income calculation to yield more consistent results in a fraction of the time. This solution will help you turn your loan officers and underwriting teams into income calculation and analysis experts. We deliver:

  • Consistent Results: eliminates manual doc review and calculations.
  • Accelerated Processing: automation reduces income processing times from hours to minutes.
  • Transparent Paper Trail: easily track all exceptions, documents each rationale.
  • AI Functionality: automatically IDs missing docs and flags potential sources of new income.
CoreLogic Digital Borrower Solutions Infographic

Streamlined and Orchestrated Borrower Verifications

The ability to quickly and confidently verify applicant-supplied information is more important than ever. CoreLogic delivers the integrated borrower verification solutions you need to qualify your applicants and accelerate your origination workflows—all while helping you remain compliant with key investor requirements. Our automated borrower verifications include:

  • Employment and Income Verification: Every borrower, every time
  • Asset Verification: real-time access to applicant accounts
  • 4506-C Income Tax Verification: the industry’s choice for 4506-C services
  • Identity Verification: Comprehensive and orchestrated to help ensure compliance with investor requirements

Setting the Gold Standard for Mortgage Fraud Risk Analysis

LoanSafe Fraud Manager™ is a powerful and intuitive solution that helps you identify and mitigate mortgage fraud risk using your loan application information paired with CoreLogic’s proprietary data.

Fueled by a mortgage fraud consortium of over 100 million loan applications and known fraud outcomes, patented recognition models and the most complete property data collection available today, LoanSafe Fraud Manager is considered the gold standard for fraud risk detection tools. LoanSafe Fraud Manager helps to protect you against:

  • Income Falsification
  • Identity Fraud/Theft
  • Employment Inconsistencies
  • Owner Occupancy
  • Undisclosed Debt
  • Straw Borrowers
  • And more

As part of our ongoing commitment to make sure users are getting the most from LoanSafe Fraud Manager™ and LoanSafe Connect™, we are offering bi-monthly training webinars.

What Our Customers Say

“It all goes back to the relationship that we’ve had with CoreLogic... It allowed us to move through this process and implement in a timely fashion, and to have it result in success.”
Bea Tilley
Senior Vice President, Experience Owner, Citizens Bank
“When CoreLogic received our teams’ feedback, they immediately worked with us to adapt to our processes and fully integrate the solution…It wasn’t your typical sales process.”
Allyson Knudsen
Chief Risk Officer, Stearns Lending

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