Digital Mortgage Collateral Solutions


We help you move mountains by removing your collateral underwriting obstacles. Unlike any other provider, CoreLogic can connect each step in one integrated workflow. We call it Complete Collateral, but you’ll call it simple, efficient and intuitive. And your clients? To them it will feel like a leisurely drive.

What Our Customers Say

“It literally changes our world, our lives, to be so much more efficient. That efficiency can free everyone up to do what we want to do, which is support our loan officers. We are now on a first-name basis with our loan officers all over the country.”
Steven Caldwell
Appraisal Senior Manager, Academy Mortgage
“I was trained on ACI. I had no objections to it, and it seemed okay — until a friend showed me TOTAL. It is amazing. One of the things that the people who advised me kept saying was “it’s so robust” — it’s very robust software. It’s a smart program that cuts out unnecessary manual work — just gathering data to do different appraisals is much easier for me than with ACI.”
Derek Citty
Appraiser, DC Appraisal Services
“We are seeing a quicker turnaround in our appraisal reviews and sign-offs... Before... each underwriter could get through one or two loan files per day. After implementing... productivity has basically doubled so our underwriters can complete three to four loans per day.”
Rick Bargioni
Vice President of National Underwriting, Sierra Pacific Mortgage

How Can We Help You?

Speed. Efficiency. Trust. Only CoreLogic can deliver the comprehensive integrated collateral solutions lenders need to take time, touch and cost out of every loan origination—while improving the borrower experience and improving customer loyalty.

Simple. Efficient. Complete.

Complete Collateral™ from CoreLogic helps you make faster, more reliable collateral underwriting decisions by uniting all of the data and analytics you need to validate a property’s value, title, condition and hazard risks. Built on a foundation of industry leadership and a commitment to relentless innovation, Complete Collateral leverages the industry’s largest collateral vendor network to simplify the mortgage experience into one orchestrated workflow.

Demonstrably Better AVMs

CoreLogic delivers unmatched AVM accuracy, confidence and reliability with Total Home Valuex. Built on cloud technology and leveraging sophisticated analytics developed using the latest AI and machine learning techniques, Total Home Valuex utilizes CoreLogic’s industry-leading property datasets, MLS data, and other unique data assets to drive unsurpassed hit rates and valuation accuracy and consistency.

Whether you’re a mortgage lender looking to reduce cost and risk, a ReTech needing to make on-the-spot offers to buy properties, or a property insurer needing to quickly reconcile market value with a replacement cost, Total Home Valuex can help power smarter business decisions. We have even optimized Total Home Value for specific use cases:

  • Total Home Valuex for Consumers
  • Total Home Valuex for Marketing
  • Total Home Valuex for Originations
  • Total Home Valuex for Risk Management
  • Total Home Valuex for Portfolio Monitoring

Go with the Leader in Flood Services

More lenders choose CoreLogic Flood Zone Determinations than any other provider. Whether you’re processing a first position loan or a second refinance, our complete line of origination products keeps your workflows moving forward. In fact, over 93 percent of the time our optimized processes return completed flood zone determinations in just minutes. There’s a reason why we’re number one: we’re fast, we’re accurate and we help you reliably maintain compliance with federal regulations while mitigating your flood risk.

CoreLogic Digital Mortgage Collateral Solutions - The Leader in Floor Services

Quick and Reliable Property Tax Estimation

When it comes to calculating a new property tax payment prior to closing, your borrowers expect an accurate estimate. Unfortunately, there’s no industry standard for calculating property tax for existing homes or new construction loans. As a result, tax estimates for escrow can vary wildly—which frustrates your borrowers.

When all parties know what to expect before, during and after closing, you can deliver a more positive borrower experience and build customer loyalty. That’s where our Property Tax Estimator comes in. By combining up-to-date property tax data with our proprietary estimation engine, CoreLogic’s Property Tax Estimator solution helps you provide an accurate estimate for each borrower’s specific address prior to closing, even for new construction loans. This will help you avoid any last minute surprises upon closing and make for a better borrower experience.

Simplified Condo Project Data Collection to Maximize your Profits

Some lenders mistakenly believe condo lending isn’t lucrative or worth the trouble. Our CondoSafe clients strongly disagree. 97% of them say condo lending is an important part of their business and 78% see their condo business growing in the next few years. Why? Because they have adopted CondoSafe, CoreLogic’s one-stop national service that gathers condo project data and documentation so they don’t have to.

CondoSafe delivers condo project documents, including Certificate of Insurance and CC&Rs, for lending decisions in one easy step. CoreLogic steps in as a dedicated resource to do all the heavy lifting associated with condo lending—so you don’t have to. And there is no system integration required.

CondoSafe is simple. It’s standardized. It’s cost effective.

CoreLogic Digital Mortgage Collateral Solutions - Simplified Condo Project Data Collection to Maximize your Profits

Speed Ahead™ with Superior Residential Appraisals

For over two decades, CoreLogic has been a leader in the appraisal management industry. The nation’s most respected lending institutions rely on CoreLogic for accurate, high-quality appraisals and exemplary customer service. Through the implementation of industry best practices, innovative appraisal workflows and unparalleled service, we delight our customers and help them to stay current and compliant with changing valuation guidelines and regulations.

  • Industry-Leading Speed
  • Quality Control and Compliance
  • Innovative Technology
  • Large Scale
  • Superior Support

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