Origination Risk Solutions

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Outsmart Fraud. Our patented predictive analytics and hyper-smart pattern recognition tools are powered by the collective intelligence of the industry’s only 100 million loan Mortgage Fraud Consortium. We help you identify and avoid potential fraud before it becomes a problem. It’s a much smarter approach.

What People Say

“LoanSafe is much more in-depth than other fraud reports and gives a clearer picture of what the issue is, and what can be done to verify the issue.”
“Fraudsters thrive in uncertain market conditions, where their activities are harder to detect and separate from legitimate investors who are also attracted to variable markets. With many economists predicting a financial rebound this year, we can expect to see market variability in many regions and likely an increase in fraud as well.”
Ann Regan
Executive, Product Management, CoreLogic
“LoanSafe gives us a one-stop look at all items of importance for customer profile, property profile and industry related items. It’s user friendly and comprehensive.”

How Can We Help You?

As we transition from a refi market to a purchase market, mortgage fraud risk is increasing— and we can help.

The Gold Standard in Fraud Risk Mitigation

Mortgage fraud reports and mitigation solutions are only as good as the data and analytics behind them. CoreLogic draws on the most current, complete and relevant property data available and then applies predictive analytics and patented pattern recognition technology to deliver the LoanSafe Suite of mortgage fraud risk detection tools. LoanSafe Fraud Manager, the suite’s flagship product, is a powerful and intuitive report that can be easily integrated into your existing workflows. LoanSafe Fraud Manager helps protect you against:

  • Income, Identity and Employment Fraud Falsification
  • Falsified Occupancy and Straw Borrowers
  • Undisclosed Real Estate Liabilities
  • Loan Quality Debt Monitoring
  • And more

For those that seek additional collateral review capabilities over and above the fraud-focused property information in LoanSafe Fraud Manager, LoanSafe Risk Manager incorporates the Collateral Risk Score, which risk-ranks the likelihood of foreclosure and severe loss. It also offers additional appraisal review alerts.

CoreLogic Origination Risk Infographic

Gain Additional Fraud Insights and Easily Track and Clear Alerts

Maximize the benefits of your LoanSafe reports with LoanSafe Connect, our online tool that allows you to interact directly with your LoanSafe Fraud Manager reports, including evaluating and clearing fraud alerts online. Whether you’re working individually or collaboratively, “working the file” has never been so easy, so transparent and so efficient. Best of all, LoanSafe Connect is included with your LoanSafe reports at no additional charge!

LoanSafe Connect is an intuitive, web-based review tool allowing:

  • Audit trail capture, including when decisions were made and by whom.
  • Alert Summary of actions taken that exports to the loan file.
  • Alert firing and action reporting to help QC efficiently target potential problem areas.
  • Predictive fraud risk scores that help focus review resources on the big picture and reduce the “clear and rescore” game approach to risk management.

Validate Settlement Agent Info to Help Prevent Closing Table Nightmares

Settlement agents help facilitate the closing of the mortgage transaction, and as such, are trusted with large sums of money and sensitive borrower information. Yet, despite the obvious risks, validating a given settlement agent prior to a closing has been difficult. Until now.

CoreLogic’s Settlement Agent Risk Assessment (SARA) provides a simple, systematic solution for vetting your settlement agents. Powered by Secure Insight™ and a database of over 80,000 loan actors, SARA is delivered as part of LoanSafe Fraud Manager, automatically verifying:

  • The identity and background of all settlement agents
  • Agents and company licenses
  • Insurance coverage
  • Data privacy and internal controls
  • Wire and trust account details
CoreLogic Origination Risk Infographic

Protect Yourself From Multi-Lien Fraud Schemes

Multi-lien or “shotgunning fraud” is an extremely profitable scam that takes advantage of the lag between loan closing and loan recording to solicit multiple loans on a single property. Difficult to detect through traditional methods and extremely profitable for perpetrators, multi-lien cases currently cost about $320,000 per incident on average—and can affect several lenders in a single case.

The risk is real. Since its inception, CoreLogic’s Multi-Closing Alert Program (MCAP) has detected more than 1,200 cases confirmed by lenders as shotgunning fraud attempts. These 1,200 cases represent thousands of MCAP participant loans totaling more than $365 million.

MCAP can help you avoid increasingly elaborate fraud schemes by:

  • Identifying multi-lien fraud attempts before funding your loans
  • Validating your loans against a lender contributed databases that contain about 85% of all equity loans and 60% of first-lien mortgages
  • Collaborating with other participating lenders on fraud prevention best practices during monthly participant calls
CoreLogic Origination Risk Solutions - Protect Yourself from Multi-Lien Fraud Schemes

Streamlined and Orchestrated Borrower Verifications

The ability to quickly and confidently verify applicant-supplied information is more important than ever. CoreLogic delivers the integrated borrower verification solutions you need to qualify your applicants and accelerate your origination workflows—all while helping you mitigate risk and protect yourself from mortgage fraud. Our automated borrower verifications include:

  • Employment and Income Verification: Verify every borrower, every time
  • Asset Verification: real-time access to applicant accounts
  • 4506-C Income Tax Verification: the industry’s choice for 4506-C services
  • Identity Verification: Comprehensive view of an applicant’s identity to help prevent mortgage fraud

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