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Know more sooner. There’s a reason why the nation’s most successful servicers choose us, year after year, for their data and analytics needs. Our residential property tax services are the industry’s gold standard. Our battle-tested default and loss mitigation solutions provide end-to-end automation to accelerate your workflows at scale. And our Portfolio Insights and Monitoring Solutions leverage the broadest data sources and predictive analytics to help you identify risks and opportunities sooner.


Residential Property Tax Solutions

Unified and Real-time Data Across the Tax Ecosystem

Our competitors rely on periodic bulk downloads of tax data from the nation’s taxing authorities. CoreLogic, on the other hand, has built near real-time integrations with many of these entities. As the foundation for CoreLogic residential real estate tax and payment solutions, the DigitalTax Platform transforms your tax service performance by facilitating near real-time data exchange between servicers, borrowers and taxing authorities. The result is a tax service that delivers a unified and consistent view of property tax data across the entire ecosystem.

  • Delivers accurate data faster
  • Provides a clear view of risk
  • Enables proactive engagement to help ensure a positive borrower experience

Reliable, Accurate and Timely Tax Reporting

With our comprehensive tracking and reporting of over 22,000 tax authorities, we can help optimize your escrow administration process. Our Tax Amount Report provides details such as due dates, tax amounts, and required methods of payment. Lenders and servicers rely on CoreLogic for reliable procurement of tax information, accurate payment specifications of tax authorities, and timely payments.

If your borrower is responsible for paying taxes directly to the taxing authority, our Tax Payment Status reporting service provides the visibility you need to help reduce risk. Through our automated interfaces with taxing authorities and near real-time data, we can promptly notify you of delinquent taxes, provide updated information when required and pay delinquent taxes on your behalf and according to your guidelines. Our services can also assist with regulatory and investor reporting requirements.

Do What You Do Best, We’ll Do the Rest

Easily manage payment processing, balance and delivery of tax payments from a single source. This comprehensive Staff Augmentation service allows you to focus on your borrower while we help manage:

  • Tax amount reporting
  • Tax payment processing services
  • Check processing and account reconciliation
  • Tax mail services
  • Customer tax research
  • Delinquency reporting

Contact Center Services are also available to help further protect and optimize the borrower experience. Combined with our technology and ability to scale, our focus on quality helps ensure an optimal experience for your borrower throughout the servicing lifecycle.


Default & Loss Mitigation Solutions

Battle-Tested Loan Modification and Loss Mitigation Solutions

CoreLogic’s end-to-end automated loan modification and loss mitigation solutions can help you identify the best approach to meet the particular needs of every customer seeking assistance.

We allow you to quickly and easily create automated workflows to upload, qualify, process, produce, send and track loans at scale. In addition to significantly accelerating your processing times, our solutions provide auditable reports to help ensure compliance. And now we’re integrated with Black Knight’s MSP®. We provide:

  • Automated file intake, data aggregation and bulk decisioning
  • Automated doc generation and shipping
  • Streamlined file recordation
  • Automated file delivery

Portfolio Insights & Monitoring Solutions

Industry Leading Servicing Portfolio Insights & Monitoring

CoreLogic’s Portfolio Insights & Monitoring Solutions deliver a comprehensive suite of multi-faceted monitoring and analysis solutions with leading analytics and predictive modeling to create a one-stop-shop for mortgage servicers. These solutions will identify hidden risks, capitalize on opportunities, and maintain compliance, by leveraging the broadest and most current:

  • Property recordation data
  • Credit data
  • Property tax data
  • Flood data
  • Valuations data
  • MLS data
  • Home equity data
  • Natural hazard data
  • Propensity models

Once armed with these actionable portfolio insights, servicers are able to spend less time validating liens and more time addressing new risks and capitalizing on new opportunities

What Our Customers Say

“CoreLogic was our first choice - their data is superior, they know the industry and we have the utmost trust in them.”
Bob Caruso
President and CEO, ServiceMac
“Through our strategic partnership with CoreLogic, we can swiftly stand up solutions to meet the latest challenges facing servicers. We’re excited to see the positive impact this is already having on our customers’ experience.”
Jay Bray
Chairman and CEO, Mr. Cooper Group
“The CoreLogic DigitalTax Platform is a critical component of our larger Digital Transformation Initiative. We knew that by having faster access to more reliable digital property tax information earlier in our workflows we would become more efficient, but even we were surprised by how much the DigitalTax Platform improved our processes and helped us delight our customers.”
Terry Smith
CEO, Rushmore Loan Management Services

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