Servicing Risk Solutions


CoreLogic is the company industry leaders trust in turbulent times. Our Servicing Risk solutions bring clarity to the chaos, delivering the comprehensive data, analysis, workflows and insights you need to plot a successful course forward regardless of the current crises.

We are uniquely qualified to help you efficiently manage your loss mitigation efforts with automated, end-to-end workflows while monitoring your portfolio for hidden risks and new revenue opportunities. Our gold-standard property data, predictive analytics and integrated risk-management solutions are the reason why we are the comprehensive single-source provider of mortgage servicing risk solutions.


How Can We Help You?

Just because the future’s uncertain doesn’t mean your strategy should be. Discover why the nation’s largest mortgage servicers rely on CoreLogic.

Battle-Tested Loan Modification and Loss Mitigation Solutions

Millions of homeowners remain in forbearance as regulators signal an increase in scrutiny and enforcement efforts. Identifying the best workout solution for each individual borrower, and being able to defend it, can be a real challenge in this environment. CoreLogic’s end-to-end automated loan modification and loss mitigation solutions can help.

We allow you to quickly and easily create automated workflows to upload, qualify, process, produce, send and track loans at scale. In addition to significantly accelerating your processing times, our solutions provide auditable reports to help ensure compliance. And now we’re integrated with Black Knight’s MSP®. We provide:

  • Automated file intake, data aggregation and bulk decisioning
  • Automated doc generation and shipping
  • Streamlined file recordation
  • Automated file delivery

Industry Leading Servicing Portfolio Insights & Monitoring

CoreLogic’s Portfolio Insights & Monitoring Solutions deliver a comprehensive suite of multi-faceted monitoring and analysis solutions with leading analytics and predictive modeling to create a one-stop-shop for mortgage servicers. These solutions will identify hidden risks, capitalize on opportunities, and maintain compliance, by leveraging the broadest and most current:

  • Property recordation data
  • Credit data
  • Property tax data
  • Flood data
  • Valuations data
  • MLS data
  • Home equity data
  • Natural hazard data
  • Propensity models

Once armed with these actionable portfolio insights, servicers are able to spend less time validating liens and more time addressing new risks and capitalizing on new opportunities

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