Remembering World War II with the Military Engagement Association

May is National Military Appreciation Month—a special time for our nation to honor current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including those who have died in the pursuit of freedom.

CoreLogic is proud to be a presenting sponsor of the World War II Foundation documentary “Surrender on the USS Missouri.” On May 18, the Military Engagement Association (MEA) Employee Resource Group (ERG) hosted a Q&A session with CoreLogic president and CEO Frank Martell and documentary executive producer and president of the World War II Foundation, Tim Gray. The session was moderated by Bryce Bucknell, Executive in Valuation Solutions and MEA Executive Sponsor.

As Tim, Frank and Bryce discussed the documentary and World War II in general, each of them echoed the importance of remembering the events of World War II and preserving the stories of veterans. Many veterans, especially those from World War II, are incredibly humble and don’t often speak about their war time experience unless specifically asked.

“Ninety percent of the time when we go into a house to do an interview with a veteran, it is the first time the veteran’s family is hearing their story,” said Tim. “It is a part of our mission to get some of them to open up to represent all those others who had similar stories who have either passed away, are not willing or not able to share their stories.”

CoreLogic has built an extensive environmental, social and governance platform to address critical needs in the countries and the communities where we operate, and one of those priorities is supporting the health of our communities, including the people that provide service to the community—first responders, the medical community, and the military.

“We support the World War II Foundation because it is important to recognize the lessons learned and support the people who support us and people who make our way of life possible,” said Frank. “I’m proud that CoreLogic has done this.”

CoreLogic continues to sponsor World War II Foundation films, including “Elvis and the USS Arizona,” which will premiere in November 2021.

“I appreciate everyone who is actively participating in the ERGs in general,” said Frank. “It is important to be engaged, whatever your passion is. This world needs positive engagement, and I think CoreLogic epitomizes that.”

The documentary, narrated by country star Luke Bryan, began airing on PBS stations across the United States beginning May 15.