4 Things to Know About the 2022 Hurricane Season

As climate change continues to increase the severity and frequency of natural catastrophe events, it is more important than ever for communities to be prepared for when disaster strikes. While we can’t control the occurrence of natural disasters like hurricanes, we can prepare for them. Understanding the risk to help accelerate recovery is the key to resilience.

Here are four key things to know about the 2022 hurricane season:

  1. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA) forecasts an above-normal 2022 hurricane season.
    • Even though hurricanes have happened as early as January and as late as December, the official annual hurricane season runs from June through November. The forecast released from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in late May 2022 predicts 14-21 named storms, 6-10 hurricanes, and 3-6 major hurricanes. It also indicates there is a 65% chance of 2022 being an above-normal season.
  2. Tens of millions of homes are at risk of storm surge and hurricane-force wind damages.
    • There are nearly 7.8 million homes with more than $2.3 trillion in combined reconstruction cost value (RCV) at risk of storm surge damage, and 33 million homes with nearly $10.5 trillion in combined RCV at risk of hurricane-force wind damage.
  3. At the metropolitan level, New York City has the greatest risk.
    • The New York City metropolitan area has the greatest risk with nearly 900,000 homes with more than $432 billion in RCV at risk of storm surge damage and more than four million homes with more than $2.2 trillion in RCV at risk of wind damage.
  4. At the state level, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas have the greatest risk.
    • These three states have the greatest number of homes at risk of storm surge damage with more than three million; nearly 911,000; and more than 542,000 homes at risk, respectively. Texas tops the list for hurricane wind risk with more than 8.8 million homes at risk.

While we can’t control the occurrence of natural disasters like hurricanes, we can prepare for them. The 2022 Hurricane Report provides insight into property risk from hurricane-driven wind and storm surge, both nationally and by metro area, across single-family homes and multifamily homes. Download the report for the full analysis of hurricane risk, and gain insight into how climate change is affecting the characteristics of hurricanes, what happens to communities after a hurricane hits, and more.

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