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The 2021 Wildfire Report

Understanding All the Facets of Wildfire Impact to Housing Stock

The 2021 wildfire season has already been destructive. As of September, 2021 ranks as the 6th highest year for both acres burned and number of fires in the U.S. over the past decade. But it is critical to note that the traditional heart of the wildfire season is yet to come – and as the U.S. population increases and residential development extends farther from metro areas, more homes and businesses will face the threat of wildfires.

The 2021 CoreLogic Wildfire Risk Report covers:

  • A lookback on wildfire history and the wildfires of 2021 so far
  • Climate change and its compounding complications on wildfire risk
  • Wildfire data through a housing stock comparison lens to understand potential impact of a devastating wildfire season
  • The evolving role of homeowners, insurers and city planners

No one can predict what the future may bring, but with the knowledge of risk, tools to combat challenges ahead and grit to work together, communities can pave a path towards a safer tomorrow.

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