Update : Three Things to Know About the Weather Events This Weekend: Tropical Storm Henri, Hurricane Grace and Tennessee Flooding

August 23, 2021 | 4:21 pm CT

Tropical Storm Henri made landfall over the weekend and caused limited inland flooding and power outages

  • Tropical Storm Henri made landfall along the Rhode Island / Connecticut state borders over the weekend. A slow forward motion of the storm translates to longer duration of storm effects at individual properties, including the potential for more rainfall.
  • Precipitation from TS Henri has caused limited inland flooding in Central New Jersey. Initial reports of flooding are reported to be far less severe than the flooding from Hurricane Irene (2011).
  • TS Henri has brought localized traffic disruptions and power outages to the affected areas. Most damage to structures is not expected to impair the functions of the buildings.
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Hurricane Grace brought strong damaging winds and rainfall to coastal properties

  • Hurricane Grace exited the Bay of Campeche and made landfall near Tecolutla, Mexico late Saturday as a weak category 3 hurricane. Hurricane Grace made landfall last Thursday near Tulum, Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula) as a category 1 hurricane.
  • HU Grace brought strong damaging winds and rainfall to coastal properties near the landfall locations, with fatalities reported. Wave heights in the Bay of Campeche were reported to be up to 15 feet – potentially damaging to older platforms in the region.
  • HU Grace has delivered significant damage to 2 regions of Mexico, including the tourist-oriented Yucatan Peninsula. Offshore energy production disruption is expected to be minimal, although onshore facilities near Tecolutla may be impacted by surge, rain and winds.

Record rainfall in Tennessee resulted in loss of life and produced significant flash flooding

  • Record rainfall in Tennessee has produced significant flash flooding as well as elevated river levels. A location in Humphries County (TN) recorded a new state one-day rainfall record of over 17” of rain. Multiple fatalities have been reported, with many more individuals still missing.
  • The overflow from the Trace River flooded low-lying portions of the city of Waverly, TN and many homes were damaged or destroyed. Much of the flooding with within FEMA’s flood zones although flood damages were observed in many areas beyond the flood zones.
  • River gauge data along nearby rivers show flood water levels that haven’t been reached in ten to twenty years. The shock from an extreme event can slow restoration and recovery.
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