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Accurate Flood Zone Determinations That Help Guarantee Flood Compliance

As the largest provider of Flood Zone Determinations to the mortgage industry, we pride ourselves on providing the same excellent service and reliable industry-proven flood products to all of our clients – regardless of their size or production volume.

Plus, with an ever-changing regulatory environment and increased complexity in mortgage processing, it's more important than ever to expect accuracy and dependability from your vendors.

We have been in the business of providing lenders accurate and reliable flood products and services for over 20 years. With our web-based ordering system that is secure and easy to use, and a staff of nationally certified floodplain managers who are dedicated to helping you remain compliant with flood regulations, we have your business interests in mind.

All of Our Clients Receive:

  • Access to, our secure, web-based ordering portal that delivers a single or batch processed Flood Zone Determination within minutes, over 90 percent of the time
  • The most widely accepted and transferable Life of Loan Flood Zone Determinations
  • Portfolio servicing that enables flood compliance even through FEMA’s flood map revisions, as well as loan acquisitions and transfers
  • Compliance experts – nationally-certified floodplain managers that will guide you through the complicated maze of flood regulations
  • Fewer “discrepancies” – as the leading supplier of flood information to the insurance industry, you’ll reduce your chance of Flood Determination discrepancies at loan closings
  • A number of complimentary resources such as Flood Industry Alerts and Quarterly Newsletters

One loan or thousands of loans. Your business is important to us.


Whether you are originating or servicing one loan or multiple loans, CoreLogic has a flood solution to fit your needs.

Flood Determinations

We guarantee that our Flood Determinations meet all federal regulation requirements. Using the FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form, we provide all the information necessary to determine whether flood insurance is available or required.

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Flood Portfolio Servicing

With an in-depth understanding of loan servicing processes and platforms, we oversee the automated loading of flood information to a client's system and ensure the ongoing integrity of the loan data. We monitor portfolios and maintain portfolio compliance through a customized set of services.

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Natural Hazard Reports

Reports are available to lenders and investors who want to evaluate the risk of natural hazards to a portfolio of loans. This hazard analytic report can be customized with additional CoreLogic property information as needed.

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Flood Insurance Coverage Analysis

Our advisory services experts have the knowledge and the real-world experience to help assess your flood coverage using CoreLogic’s unparalleled data and analytics.

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Client Services

Every client, large or small, receives full support from our team of flood experts. With industry knowledge, servicing knowhow, regulatory expertise and client focus, our professionals function as an extension of your own operation.

From the moment we receive a call, our team will work to exceed your expectations by addressing the issue promptly and knowledgeably, and by seeing it through to resolution as quickly as possible. Often, the initial Client Services Representative that answers your call can resolve the issue without the need to forward on to other departments.

Client services representatives and technical support are available 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday. Contact our team via email or call (800) 447-1772.

We’re proud of our flood-related expertise and our ability to provide flood data that is both current and compliant with federal regulations. Our knowledgeable team of servicing specialists and compliance experts use resources that are advocated by FEMA, the NFIP and Federal Regulators.

Our Compliance Advisors and Dispute Resolution Specialists are available 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday, at (800) 447-1772.  Our specialists have earned national certification as floodplain managers with some also earning an Associate in Flood Insurance accreditation, to assist you with:

  • Questions over Flood Determinations and flood map issues
  • Regulatory or compliance questions
  • Help with borrower requests such as through the flood map amendment process
  • Working with FEMA and community officials to identify flood mapping issues

We understand that from time to time you may encounter conflicting flood zone information. As a service to you, we will recheck our work. You can start the "dispute" process either from (you'll need to have an account with us) or by calling our Client Services Department. Once the dispute is initiated, our team will pull together the relevant resources, and our Dispute Resolution Specialists will recheck each aspect of the determination for accuracy and contact you with the results. If you or your borrower has questions about the LOMA application process, we'd be happy to help. For FEMA guidance on LOMA applications, click here.

We also created the CoreLogic Flood Compliance Kit to assist you with the process of what to do when you or your borrower disagree with a determination. This kit provides detailed information about the steps to take to dispute a determination, how to apply for a Letter of Map Amendment or Lender Determination Review through FEMA, and other helpful reference and contact information.

Your Account Management team is your dedicated support team throughout the life of your account with CoreLogic. During your account setup, we request in depth information on your current business practices in order to fully understand how we can best serve you. We want to ensure that you receive the service you need and expect.

Our Account Management professionals can also provide you and your staff training on flood regulations, compliance, and the basics as a new CoreLogic client. Since our account managers work in regional teams, you can be assured that an account manager is knowledgeable in your business and will always be available to provide assistance.

Our staff is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time at (800) 447-1772.

Due to the frequency of flood status changes, a portfolio of acquired or seasoned loans can rapidly become outdated, particularly during FEMA's current mapping initiative to update maps throughout the country. CoreLogic's flexible menu of portfolio review and maintenance services can help keep your portfolio in compliance.

  • Customized portfolio assessment. When a client acquires a new portfolio of loans, you may not know the level of flood data accuracy or the compliance status of those loans. In that case, it's wise to invest in a portfolio review and flood risk analysis. Our cost-effective, customizable menu of assessment options allows you to choose the level of analysis and reporting you need.
  • Fully guaranteed portfolio update. To give a client full confidence that your portfolio is compliant, we can review all properties in the portfolio, identify those that already have current flood zone determinations, and issue new, guaranteed determinations for the rest. Or, if necessary to meet the requirements of a portfolio sale, we can issue guaranteed CoreLogic determinations for the entire portfolio.

From loan closing through payoff, CoreLogic is an expert partner in flood risk management. We can build a customized servicing program to help our clients meet regulatory requirements, satisfy their investors and keep their business growing.

You can reach our Portfolio Services Department through our central number (844) 411-5578.

Let CoreLogic train your organization!

The issue of flood compliance can be complicated. CoreLogic provides customized no-cost training to help your staff understand what the federal regulations mean to you. You can receive on-site training for large groups, and telephone training for smaller groups. Our goal is to help your staff provide better service to your team. We tailor the training to fit the audience, your geographic lending area, and your own internal procedures as it relates to flood compliance.

Our Account Management and Compliance teams are your trainers, since they have expertise in the flood industry in the following areas and more:

  • National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) insurance guidelines
  • Flood determination mapping and compliance issues
  • FEMA mapping and floodplain management guidelines

Get Fast and Accurate Flood Zone Determinations From the Convenience of Your Web Browser.

Our Web-based flood determination ordering and delivery system,, provides a simple connectivity and account management solution. Providing instant access to our extensive database of flood data resources, easily accommodates single as well as multiple orders, delivering over 93% of responses within minutes.

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Guide to BW 12

This dynamic guide to the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 provides a summary of key provisions and related information. 

Download (PDF)

Flood Services Data Sheet

Get the whole story on CoreLogic’s full range of flood technology, products and services, including a breakdown on what they can do for you.

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Updates and Alerts

CoreLogic keeps you informed with industry news and service announcements.

Flood Industry Alerts

Get updates on important industry news.


Quarterly Flood & Tax News

Stay informed on flood and tax developments.


System Alerts

Notices of downtime, upgrades and more.


Service Enhancements upgrades, new products and more.


Beta Systems Bulletins

Announcements for the beta testing systems.


Risk Map Updates

Upcoming map revisions and other news.


Compliance Resources

Go to our Newsletters section to see news and information from previous newsletters on flood and tax services.

Our previous Industry Alerts are also available for your convenience.

CoreLogic Continuously Tracks FEMA Map Changes

Flood hazard conditions are dynamic, and flood maps do not always reflect recent development or natural changes that may impact flood risk in areas. Therefore, flood maps must be periodically updated by FEMA to reflect changes to the floodplains that result from community growth, development, erosion, and other factors. A study conducted by the General Accounting Office during 2003-2004 revealed that 70% of the nation's flood maps were more than 10 years old, and that many current maps contained inaccurate flood data. These findings prompted FEMA to launch a multi-year, Presidential initiative supported by Congress.

Read more about FEMA’s Multi-Year Flood Hazard Identification Plan.  

Download a list of counties that will receive upcoming FEMA Flood Map Revisions.

Stay informed about the legislative activity in Washington and around the nation. This informational resource includes the following:

Summaries of pending Congressional bills related to the nation's flood program

An illustration of the legislative process complete with key terms and definitions

To view additional information about a specific topic, click on the links below.

Subscribe to an email alert group to receive information about significant legislative developments.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Flood Services.

Check our glossary for definitions of common flood industry terms.

Address Entry Guidelines

CoreLogic’s ordering system is based on the address formats recognized by the United States Postal Service (USPS). To expedite delivery and ensure the accuracy of your completed flood certifications, we developed this document to illustrate how to appropriately enter address information when ordering our flood compliance products.

Application Forms for Conditional and Final Letters of Map Amendment and Letters of Map Revision Based on Fill

The application assists requesters in gathering the information FEMA needs to determine whether a property is likely to flood during the flood event that has a 1% chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year (base flood). The forms may be used to request LOMAs, CLOMAs, LOMR-Fs, and CLOMR-Fs.

CoreLogic's Flood Compliance Kit

This kit provides detailed information about the steps to take if you disagree with CoreLogic's determination, how to apply for a Letter of Map Amendment or Lender Determination Review through FEMA and other helpful reference and contact information.

Definitions of FEMA Flood Zone Designations

Easy-to-understand definitions of FEMA's flood zone designations.

End User License Agreement

A legal agreement between a client and CoreLogic Flood Services. The agreement outlines rights and limitations; services provided; fees; representations, warranties and indemnities; and miscellaneous items.

Federal Legislation Information

FEMA Flood Map Revisions

CoreLogic provides useful information regarding FEMA's past, present and future map revisions.