At the start of a new year, everyone looks forward to something fresh and new. January is a time for reflection and goal setting for personal and professional development in the upcoming year.

2020 was a year of tremendous growth for CoreLogic which is driving us to hire top talent to our organization in 2021. Our Talent Acquisition Team has the joy of finding diverse top talent and introducing candidates to life-changing career opportunities.  As we head into the new year, we compiled the top reasons our employees LOVE to work at CoreLogic.

CoreLogic is a global company with offices all over the U.S. and beyond. Our data, products and technology platforms span the entire real estate market. This translates into opportunities to expand your responsibilities, join new teams, work on innovative products, solve unique problems and even relocate across the country or globe, all while staying at CoreLogic. 

While we are an industry-leading data and technology company with over 5000 employees worldwide, our teams are small allowing our voices to be heard. We don’t feel like just another number. Our ideas are valued, and we have the ability to drive real change and contribute to the growth of the organization. 

It may come across as cliché, but over and over we heard that the people at CoreLogic make the difference. The culture is smart, respectful and inclusive. The default is to assume positive intent, recognizing that everyone is working hard and giving their all.  Our leaders not only drive our strategy, but they don’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves and dig in alongside us. 

Engagement is one of our CORE values at CoreLogic. We collaborate closely and believe that together we can meet our goals, support our clients, and transform our industry. We highly regard communication, listening and empathy skills, and seek candidates who excel in these areas.  During these challenging times as a result of the pandemic, team collaboration is more important than ever not only to meet our professional objectives but to support each other personally as well. 

For an organization chock full of brilliant minds, we have an extremely approachable “open door” culture. Whether you have a question, want to start a casual conversation or challenge your leader to a game of ping-pong, people are genuinely eager to engage. 

Our HR benefits team works tirelessly to bring our employees best-in-class benefit offerings to support our health and wellness through our insurance plans, 401K and Employee Stock Purchase plans, wellness programs, fitness challenges, and more. During COVID-19, CoreLogic recognized the increased pressures and challenges many of our employees face and to help support us they gave every employee a subscription to Headspace and In addition,

The beauty of working in the real estate industry is it is ubiquitous; almost everyone rents or buys property at some point in our lives, yet this FinTech space is still rife with innovation opportunity. Our Innovation Labs and our Tech teams are leveraging the most cutting-edge technologies to impact advances. We believe in Extreme Programming Principles (XP), continuously driving iterative improvements for our clients. Our data teams love the vast amounts of data with which they can “play” and the big data tools and technologies they can use. We don’t just talk about innovation – we live and breathe it!

Every day brings new challenges and problems to solve.  We foster a culture of curiosity.  We question the status quo and thrive on driving advances in our processes, our technology and our people.

We work hard, but we also like to Live, Give, Play and Learn outside of our daily roles.  CoreLogic’s community engagement and employee resources groups engage employees in community service opportunities along with four paid volunteer days/year, company-wide fitness challenges, learning events, celebrations and just plain fun events throughout the year. Not only does this enable us to make a difference in our communities and take care of ourselves, but these activities encourage us to get to know our colleagues.