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Member/Client Collaboration Has Never Been So Powerful

Real estate agents are the core of our industry and we are dedicated to ensuring they have every tool possible to deliver world class home buying experiences to their clients. OneHome is a revolutionary collaboration portal that facilitates seamless interaction between agents and their clients as they find, buy and protect the homes of their dreams.

We’ve created the most comprehensive property search tool in the industry and added functionality like digital post-it-notes to make real-time communication between agents and clients easier than ever before. 

The future of homebuying is here. Its name is OneHome.

How does OneHome unite members and clients in bold new ways?

  • Beautiful search experiences to help agents and homebuyers get started on finding the home of their dreams.
  • Listing price and CoreLogic automated valuation model (AVM)
  • Add a Note: clients or agents leave notes for each other on searches with alerts



  • Planner: A guided checklist to help clients understand the real-estate transaction process so that they are never lost.
  • Kickstart smart search through Artificial Intelligence and ever improving machine learning.
  • PropertyFit™: Provides clients guidance to sort which are the best homes for them using data collected from their browsing activity and preferences
  • Maximum efficiency: present homes with highest likelihood to match client needs


“We’re excited to introduce the Matrix OneHome Client Portal to our Yes-MLS members! OneHome is designed with their success in mind. The home buying experiences of families all across North and Eastern Ohio just improved dramatically, thanks to their tighter relationship bond with our members”

Carl DeMusz
President & CEO Yes-MLS!