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Monitor and Proactively Track Customer-Level Changes to Your Loan Portfolios

Account Monitoring is a premium Portfolio Service available from CoreLogic Credco that provides your business with real-time customer-level notifications of payment delinquencies, credit inquiries, new tradelines and more across your loan portfolios. Acting on these “trigger events" can help you proactively manage your portfolio risks.

Industry Expertise

Our consultants are experienced in the credit industry and will work with you to determine the best suite of trigger options for your business needs. These options might include monitoring of new trade lines, inquiries, payments or other credit information.

Once your triggers have been determined, you’re ready to submit general customer information. We process this information and provide it to the credit bureau(s) for electronic tagging of specific customer files. When events are noted, you’ll receive the data quickly, so you’re able to take immediate action.

Industry Expertise

Adding More Value

With more than 40 years of experience in the credit industry, and an unparalleled level of products and services, we are uniquely positioned to help you maximize your investment in technology and data. By partnering with us, you take advantage of our industry expertise, credit bureau partnerships and fast data-processing speeds to proactively monitor customers for triggers and protect your interests.