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With the help of BPO Check from CoreLogic®, lenders and servicers can now boost BPO review efficiency while making more accurate, concise valuation decisions. BPO Check is a comprehensive report designed to simplify BPO assessment by providing clarity into which BPOs need additional review and those which need no further validation. With BPO Check, reviewers no longer have to “stare and compare” to determine the accuracy of a BPO value or verify the precision of the data. The result is a reduction in time and resources needed to perform BPO reviews.

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Gain Transparency Into Valuation and Market Risk

Whether too high or too low, incorrect valuations are costly. Utilizing market-leading valuation analytics from CoreLogic, the BPO Check report provides instant valuation guidance for reviewers to quickly assess the risk of property over or under-valuation. What’s more – the individual risk gauges help to easily identify the potential for mortgage default or foreclosure, fraud and also the complexity of the property valuation.

BPO Check evaluates the key predictive risk factors individually, providing alerts to areas of the BPO that may require a more in-depth review. These alerts include:

  • Comparable Selection – compares the BPO data to MLS* and public record data. Also evaluates comparable adjustments for influence on valuation
  • Property Complexity – indicates the ease of which a value can be determined based on neighborhood factors and data availability
  • Market Risk – Risk of default and foreclosure based on subject property and surrounding market
  • Misrepresentation Risk – Identifies issued related to the chain of title, property flipping, fraud and more

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Quickly Determine BPO Quality and Identify Risk Factors

  • Pinpoint high risk BPOs and highlight key areas that need additional review
  • Assess the potential for over or under-valuation and easily find the risk level of a BPO
  • Validate subject and comparable property details with MLS* and Public Record data
  • Use embedded MLS photos to gain additional insight into the subject property & comparables
  • Perform due diligence on BPOs for loans being serviced for government-sponsored enterprises, or GSEs
  • Obtain an analysis of overall market factors at the ZIP code level with the Market Conditions Report

Product Features

BPO Check offers a thorough and comprehensive analysis of all components of a Broker Price Opinion (BPO). From the overall valuation Risk Score to validating the Broker provided property and market data – BPO Check gives you the concise information you need to work through and evaluate the valuation, collateral and market risk on every BPO. 

Why CoreLogic Is the Right Choice

CoreLogic is the largest provider in the U.S. of real estate, property ownership, fraud, mortgage and mortgage securities data—and the advanced analytics that use them.

 The market-specific data from CoreLogic covers:

  • 99 percent of U.S. residential properties
  • Over 700 million historical transaction records and data spanning over 40 years
  • Over 90 million mortgage applications

CoreLogic leverages this data, analytics and experience to deliver the solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. We are ready to help you achieve your business goals.  

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