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Comprehensive Commercial Building Valuations
and Property Risk

Commercial Express®, our fully integrated commercial risk assessment and valuation platform, gives you a competitive advantage by delivering deep intelligence into commercial building valuations and property risk in a single, intuitive platform. Powered by a growing database of almost 50 million North American businesses, Commercial Express was built from the ground up to deliver accurate valuations, replacement cost estimates, contents, aerial imagery and financial health data. You can now manage your commercial property risk with a much higher level of confidence.

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Integrated Products

Proven Functionality Delivered Through Commercial Express

Aerial Imagery gives you a visual reference that can be used to identify unique features and risks of individual properties.

Property Pre-fill

The Commercial Pre-fill solution aids in assessing, quoting, and underwriting commercial property faster and with higher confidence.

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Building Insight™

Improves the accuracy of your commercial building ITVs by drawing on an unparalleled depth of research and understanding about the commercial property industry.

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Contents Insight®

Uses our firmographic data and predictive modeling to estimate the contents value of a business in relation to comparable peers.

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Natural Hazards

Lets users assess risk in a single automated workflow. Includes fire protection, flood, wildfire, earthquake, distance to coast and many other natural hazards.

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Occupancy Insight

With business firmographic data from Occupancy Insight, underwriters can better assess risk and determine if additional coverage is needed.

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You get a more complete view of your exposure, including:

  • Total commercial ITV calculation
  • Value of a company’s contents (equipment, inventory and more)
  • Financial health of business
  • Natural hazard risk

Commercial ExpressLync

Complete Integration Into Your Workflows

With our comprehensive integration service, Commercial ExpressLync®, you get the full suite of our commercial products delivered right into your existing quoting, underwriting and renewal workflows. Our technical teams will work closely with your business to understand your desired automation workflows and then supply sample integration code for common workflows and recommend other best practices.

Commercial ExpressLync also supports a “handshake” style of integration where records submitted through our web services are automatically populated directly into Commercial Express. The user can later edit directly within the system, which eliminates double data entry and increases overall data integrity.

Commercial Express® Training

CoreLogic offers a variety of training options to fit your needs. Training options include:

Online Videos and Materials

These free training materials can be accessed by clicking below. The Knowledge Center site requires an initial registration process that takes about 48 hours to confirm.

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Private Training

The content of the training class can be customized to the client’s specific requirements. Classes are typically two hours in length and can accommodate up to 150 attendees.

On-Site Training

For on-site training, a trainer is booked for four to eight hours. The training can include multiple classes, one-on-one sessions, or can be customized to the client’s specifications.

Contact the Training Department

For questions, to inquire about private or on-site pricing or to schedule a training class, please contact the Training Department at


Our Knowledge Center offers a variety of free training materials and videos as well as valuable information regarding commercial and residential property valuations. First time access requires a simple registration process that takes about 48 hours to confirm.

A team of technical support representatives is available to assist with troubleshooting technical issues. The technical support number is listed at the bottom of your Commercial Express® website. Support can also be contacted via email.