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Automated Income Calculation and Analysis

FactCheck automates, streamlines, and standardizes income calculation to deliver consistent results in a fraction of the time.

Built by underwriters, FactCheck is the industry’s first complete income calculation and analysis solution.

Why FactCheck

Consistent Results

FactCheck eliminates manual doc review and calculations for consistent results every time.

Accelerated Processing

FactCheck reduces income processing times from hours to just minutes.

Transparent Paper Trail

FactCheck allows you to easily track all exceptions and document each rationale.

Hassle-Free Implementation

FactCheck set-up requires no IT support. You can be up-and-running the same day.

Simple Inputs

FactCheck automatically extracts borrower income data via direct feeds or OCR technology–backed by human validation

Automated Processing

Once extracted, the income data is analyzed via the FactCheck Rules Engine, applying GSE, FHA, and ATR compliant rulesets along with your unique guidelines.

AI Functionality

FactCheck automatically IDs any missing docs with the Document Inventory tool and flags potential sources of new income with the Income Finder tool.

Easy-to-Use Web Interface

The intuitive web interface allows multiple people to work the same file at the same time and provides a PDF output that includes all income sources and is accepted by the GSEs

Consistent Results

FactCheck delivers an accurate income calculation based on your guidelines with supporting decisions and rationales in a fraction of the time.

Managers & Executives

Loan Officers

Get accurate income data sooner to make better decisions.


Quickly calculate income for even for the most complicated applicant profile.


All exceptions and decision rationales are automatically documented.


Reduce risk and increase with speed and efficiency standardized rule sets that deliver consistent results.

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