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Nearly half of the states in the nation have laws that give priority, or “super”, status to liens resulting from delinquent Home Owner Associations (HOAs) dues. This can mean significant risk exposure to mortgage servicers and investors.  

Be proactive and protect the portions of your portfolio that could be in danger.  HOA Super Lien Check from CoreLogic is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to help servicers and investors simplify the process of identifying and documenting their interest in a super lien property.

Safeguard Properties in Three Ways

Which States Allow Super Liens?

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The Right Process to Help Protect Your Assets

All the data, resources and man-power you to keep you ahead of the curve.

HOA Super Lien Check brings together our industry leading property and HOA databases and the expertise and resources needed to document your interest in any at-risk property. Optional ongoing lien monitoring keeps you informed of any new lien actions taken across any or all of your assets.