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Utilizing our patented Merge Logic, Instant Merge is a three-bureau credit report that allows you to get an accurate and balanced representation of your borrower’s credit history. Only the most up-to-date tradeline information appears on the report, giving you a more complete picture of your client’s credit history.

Product Details

  • Available on more than 60 technology platforms, delivered in seconds via the Internet, desktop software, LOS or other customizable solution
  • Detailed demographic information, current and historical tradeline details, and public records and inquiries
  • Proven systems uptime
  • World-class client care and technical support
  • Product add-ons and upgrades available for more thorough credit analysis

We also offers add-on products like FICO®, bankruptcy, credit and risk scores, and identity verification products to make Instant Merge an even more valuable three-bureau credit report decision tool.