Utilizing our patented Merge Logic, Instant Merge is a three-bureau credit report that allows you to get an accurate and balanced representation of your borrower’s credit history. Only the most up-to-date tradeline information appears on the report, giving you a more complete picture of your client’s credit history.

Widely Available Three-Bureau Credit Report

Available on more technology platforms than any other provider, our expansive connectivity makes it possible to access our Instant Merge three bureau credit report from just about anywhere, easily and conveniently.

Proven Systems Uptime

Our proven systems uptime means you get access to the most innovative three bureau credit report in the industry – reliably and with confidence. And combined with our world-class technical support, you can rely on trained, knowledgeable professionals to answer your questions and keep you connected for consistent and dependable data exchange.


Whether you’re accessing or re-accessing credit information, our wide range of connectivity portals makes data exchange smooth and efficient – wherever you do business.

Product Details

Product Highlights
  • Available on more than 60 technology platforms, delivered in seconds via the Internet, desktop software, LOS or other customizable solution
  • Detailed demographic information, current and historical tradeline details, and public records and inquiries
  • Proven systems uptime
  • World-class client care and technical support
  • Product add-ons and upgrades available for more thorough credit analysis

We also offers add-on products like FICO®, bankruptcy, credit and risk scores, and identity verification products to make Instant Merge an even more valuable three bureau credit report decision tool.

FICO Scores

  • Equifax Beacon 5.0
  • TransUnion FICO Classic
  • ’98 or ‘04
  • Experian FICO II or III

Next Gen Scores

  • Equifax Pinnacle 2.0
  • TransUnion FICO Risk
  • Experian Advanced Risk
  • Score 2.0

Vantage Score

  • Equifax
  • TransUnion
  • Experian

Bankruptcy Scores

  • Equifax Bankruptcy Navigator
  • Index 3.0
  • TransUnion Delphi
  • Experian Bankruptcy Model

Instant Merge Warnings

  • SSN possible ITIN
  • ECOA code variation
  • Name variation
  • SSN variation
  • DOB Variation
  • Significant SSN variation
  • Name and SSN variation
  • Name and significant SSN variation
  • Address variation
  • Name, address and SSN variation

Fact Act Alerts

  • 5th Score Factor Code
  • Fraud Alert Present
  • Security Alert Present
  • Active Duty Alert Present

Additional Offerings

  • Enhanced decode directory
  • Consumer score disclosure
  • Notice to home loan applicant
  • CFPB counseling advisory message
  • ProScan Alert
  • ProScan ID
  • ProScan OFAC
  • TransUnion High Risk Fraud Alert
  • Experian Fraud Shield
  • Equifax IDScan
  • Custom Sort