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Nationwide, there are more than 1 million unique requirements that must be tracked, managed and maintained when creating and recording mortgage documents –and lien releases are no exception. In addition to keeping up with federal regulations, CFPB audits and the varying requirements of over 3,000 counties, many states also have laws requiring that lien releases be prepared by licensed attorneys.

With so many changing conditions to keep track of, how do you ensure that your lien releases are done correctly without literally breaking the bank? Turn to CoreLogic. We deliver the industry expertise, state of the art technology and a national network of attorney relationships to execute your lien releases properly, quickly and often at a lower cost than managing the process in-house.

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The Complete Solution

Lien Release Services from CoreLogic is your outsource option that leverages compliance expertise and attorney relationships nationwide to address the legal challenges inherent in the lien release process. At the same time, CoreLogic integrates automated compliance software to track, monitor and store compliance data and forms. The result is a solution that:

  • Addresses the layers of current and future compliance requirements
  • Automates and streamlines processes to reduce costs and minimize errors
  • Provides an audit trail, supports reporting and enhances transparency
  • Protects consumers and client interests

This collaborative effort delivers a robust and integrated solution that helps address compliance risk, improve client satisfaction and reduce costs.

Transparency Through Customized Reporting

Work with CoreLogic, and you’ll have access to status reports in real-time, 24/7 via our secured website. Status reporting can be tailored to your specific needs with respect to frequency, format, content and delivery method. Need help with a specific filing? Just ask and we can help quickly locate any release and provide an update.

Process Flexibility

Tell us about your current operational processes and we’ll design a custom solution to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking to outsource the entire lien release process or integrate key components into your existing operations, our solutions provide the flexibility required of today’s top servicers. Need help with more than lien releases? Ask about document retrieval services to help eliminate the challenges with clearing document deficiencies.