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The Most Comprehensive Cost Approach Saas Web Service for Mass Appraisals

The most comprehensive cost approach data for mass appraisal is now online. Providing the same analytics and methodologies in the flagship Marshall & Swift® Valuation Service and Residential Cost Handbook manuals, Marshall & Swift Valuation Platform Online (MSVPO) seamlessly integrates with CAMA systems via SaaS web services hosted by CoreLogic.

Clients now have easier access to our real property valuation solutions via web services provided by CoreLogic, instead of traditional installation methods. This means cost updates can now be made available via web services, saving time and staffing needs to perform these deployments.

Designed through extensive collaboration with valuation industry thought leaders and the finest mass appraisal use and integration experts, MSVPO is specifically designed to deliver all the necessary data required by appraisers, assessors, real estate managers, government agencies and other valuation professionals to accurately cost real property through Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) systems.

The platform’s mass appraisal cost calculation engine is available to licensed clients in an easily-consumable, web services interface and is useful for organizations of any size. Having a full integration helps avoid issues users may encounter when automating from Marshall & Swift cost manuals, including high overhead, missing updates, incorrect base costs, human error, inaccurate data interpretation and transference.

Once integrated into a business workflow, MSVPO boosts performance to provide quick, accurate completion of valuation work. Flexible options offer the opportunity to integrate with most front-end interfaces (Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal) required to build the complete valuation system that accommodates unique business needs.

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Product Details

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) calls for the use of a variety of valuation tools, including commercial, agricultural and residential building cost calculations.

Users now have the flexibility to choose the calculation modules for use in their mass appraisal valuation system:

  • Square Foot Commercial/Industrial
  • Square Foot Agricultural
  • Square Foot Manufactured Homes
  • Square Foot Residential, Including High-Value Homes


  • All the same great benefits from the Marshall & Swift Valuation Platform optimized for SaaS online web service
  • Over 300 new commercial components added to the existing database
  • Same algorithms and methodologies available via the flagship Marshall & Swift Valuation Service and Residential Cost Handbook
  • Allows for seamless integration with third party CAMA systems via CoreLogic hosted web services
  • Save on time and overhead, increasing productivity for accurate and consistent assessments aligning with USPAP best practices