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The ultimate in speed and performance

Matrix™ has proven itself as a clear leader in multiple listing platforms. Maximum speed is central to the Matrix product philosophy, delivering the performance real estate professionals demand.  Many of North America’s largest real estate organizations have selected Matrix above all others.

As part of CoreLogic’s commitment to delivering the very best real estate software experience, our product team is continually working hard on adding new features and functionality improvements.

  • Maximum compatibility and mobility. Matrix is a pure HTML application, so the system can be accessed from virtually any computer, tablet, or phone with Internet access.
  • Speed. Matrix is fast. See for yourself. It displays the elapsed time for every search in hundredths of a second.
  • Work smarter. Matrix offers shortcuts, a speed search bar, listing carts, multi-tasking, and more for maximum efficiency. Matrix also automatically saves all recent searches for quick access from any page.
  • Property-centric. Realist® functionality will be merging into Matrix to give you a detailed view of every property in your market—regardless if it’s a current listing, past listing, or never listed at all.  
  • Clients will love it too! Matrix provides newly designed, fully responsive, real estate portals for clients, fostering improved customer service and communication. Matrix also offers a variety of options when it comes to automatically emailing listings to clients.
  • Multi-language support. Matrix provides multiple listing organizations with the ability to offer service in more than one language.
  • Expandable. From wireless to security and everything in between, add-on products and services can be integrated into Matrix to create a truly customized solution for your members.


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As one of the fastest-growing multiple listing platforms, Matrix™ has proven itself a clear leader in multiple listing technology. The unrivaled speed and cutting-edge functionality deliver the performance modern real estate professionals demand. If you are new to Matrix or your multiple listing organization is about to launch Matrix, this video will give you an overview of the features and benefits. We think you’ll love what you see.


Check out the new Client Portal in Matrix 7.0.

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Developed for the ultimate in control, Matrix boasts powerful administrative functionality that gives the multiple listing organization control over all aspects of the system. From searches and displays to reports and statistics, Matrix provides board staff with a comprehensive management toolset.

System Management

The Matrix admin panel enables dynamic management of the system. User controls strictly regulate access to the system and can easily be administered by board staff. System exports allow the association to establish custom-designed data feeds that agents can select and utilize. News and event details can be maintained and prioritized through the admin panel, which also provides complete control over numerous agent settings such as Market Watch and Hot Sheet defaults.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual support is fundamental to the Matrix architecture, providing the multiple listing organization the ability to offer service in more than one language. Agents can instantly switch languages at any time, from any screen. With the ability to display system labels and information in virtually any language, Matrix is the ultimate solution for regions with diverse populations.

Search Builder

Matrix includes a sophisticated search building interface. Searches can be added, removed, or modified while the system is live and under load using the easy-to-use Design Editor. Working closely with each customer, CoreLogic helps create default search screens with a focus on both style and efficiency. Search functionality can be easily maintained by board staff or CoreLogic.

Report Builder

Matrix employs wide-open flexibility for report construction and generation. From flyers and CMAs to statistics and print reports, virtually any kind of report can be created. The system outputs reports in Adobe® PDF format, making it easy for agents to view, save, or print the documents.

Display Builder

Matrix includes an easy-to-use display builder that gives the multiple listing organization control over all search result displays. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, the display builder makes it easy to format results in a variety of ways, including single line, thumbnail, abbreviated, and full search results. Changes are updated on the live system instantly, and can even be made while the production system is under full load.

Advanced Statistics

Matrix provides board staff with a variety of advanced reports and charting capabilities. With just a few clicks, virtually any statistic can be generated in either PDF or HTML format. Board staff can draw on any Matrix data—including Sales, History and/or Listing information—to forecast future trends based on up-to-the-minute listing data. Trends and stats for real-time market activity and member usage can easily be generated. Only constrained by the limits of the stored information, Matrix provides both agents and board staff with a host of statistical options.

Agent Features

Designed to power top-producing agents across North America, Matrix has been developed to boast the utmost speed and functionality. Offering the latest in agent-driven features, CoreLogic constantly strives to find new and innovative ways for agents to better serve their buyers and sellers.


Maximum speed is central to the Matrix product philosophy. Built for performance from the ground up, the optimized system architecture allows agents to search, email, and operate the system faster than ever before. Test drive Matrix and see for yourself how fast the system responds to even the most complex query.


The Agent Dashboard (i.e., Matrix home page) was designed to provide at-a-glance summaries of important information and single-click access to major program functions. Hot Sheets, Contacts, Market Statistics, Portal Activity and My Listings are just a few of the dashboard's many areas. By adding, removing, and rearranging individual dashboard elements, each user can customize their home page to perfectly suit their specific needs and preferences.

Speed Bar

From listing records and tax records to agents and search shortcuts, the Speed Bar dramatically reduces the time required to perform searches of any kind within the system. Enter any value to immediately search across the entire system and across all table types. Easy-to-learn shortcuts make searching faster than you ever dreamed possible.


The program's cart functionality offers agents greater listing management control. Users can drop listings into any client's cart from virtually anywhere in the program, and then easily view, email, map or print the listings at their convenience. This functionality provides a tidy way to work with multiple clients while navigating around Matrix.

Search History

With Matrix, running a previous search is as simple as a single mouse click. Matrix automatically saves your recent searches—complete with a date/time stamp and the number of results—and displays them in a list conveniently located near the top of each page. Search History is a terrific time-saving feature that is perfect for the busy agent serving multiple clients at once.


Matrix offers a variety of options when it comes to automatically e-mailing listings to clients. The "concierge" feature lets agents view and approve listings before sending them. After being notified of new matches, agents can approve or decline listings that meet their clients search criteria. The concierge style of email management provides greater control over listing data distribution, ultimately fostering higher client interest and satisfaction.

Client Portal

With the Client Portal, agents can personally brand the information delivered to their buyers and sellers.  Using the Portal’s split screen technology, clients can more effectively manage listings by visually identifying where they are located on the map. The Portal also serves as a powerful communication tool by allowing clients to categorize listings according to their level of interest, as well as log conversation notes to and from the agent.  Clients can further customize their Portal experience by creating and saving searches of their own.  Matrix then provides agents with detailed client activity and Portal usage statistics. Check out the new Client Portal in Matrix 7.0.


With Matrix count-on-the-fly, agents see a real-time count of exactly how many listings match their criteria before ever submitting a query. Fast listing count feedback makes it easy for agents to quickly create a search that yields the desired number of results.

Hit Counter

Matrix's hit counter functionality allows agents to track their clients' activity and interactions with the system. Every visit and click within the client portal is tracked and exposed to the listing agent. Information such as the number of times a listing has been categorized as a Favorite, Possibility, or Discard is made available. The listing hit counter feature can be used to quickly and accurately gauge consumer interest in a new listing.

Hot Sheets

Matrix provides a broad range of Hot Sheet options and functionality. Agents can use a standard system Hot Sheet or create custom Hot Sheets to suit their unique needs. Change of status, price, dates, and a variety of other details can all be included in agent-customized Hot Sheets. This essential functionality keeps agents up to date on the very latest market conditions.


A vital component of any multiple listing platform, the CMA module provides agents with a sophisticated toolset for creating professional listing presentations. Using the Matrix CMA Wizard, agents can customize their report by uploading PDF pages, branding the front cover, adding price adjustments to Comparables, plus a variety of other options for assembling a unique document tailored to the individual client. Users can save incomplete CMAs, and print or email final reports directly to the Client Portal.

Stats Generator

One of the program's most sophisticated features, the stats generator provides agents with an endless array of statistical analysis options. Starting with a search of any kind, agents can generate stats for a specific market area, time frame, listing status... or the entire multiple listing database! Matrix offers numerous preset reporting options, making it easy for agents to generate up-to-date statistical reports featuring attractive charts and graphs with just a few clicks. Advanced functionality allows for the comparison of virtually any two market stats on the same chart.


Seamlessly combining search criteria, map, and results, the dynamic mapping feature lets users click, zoom, and pan while results update in real time, automatically grouping map pins into clusters when there are too many to display.  Users can select listings from the result list or directly from the map for superior versatility. Bird’s eye view, street view, satellite view, and driving directions are just a few of the many display options available to users.

Map Layers

Using data provided by Realist®, Matrix Map Layers offer a versatile tool for annotating the map.  Display multiple layers at once by stacking information such as Boundaries, Parcel Characteristics, Trends, Points of Interest, and more.

Listing Input

Matrix simplifies and economizes listing maintenance with an easy-to-use input wizard that automatically geocodes properties and allows the saving of incomplete records.  With the Matrix Photo Manager, users can upload multiple images at once and then add an optional description to each.  In addition to this, Matrix provides a Supplement Control that makes the management of listing documents easier than ever.


Matrix Mobile offers agents a quick and easy way to access the multiple listing platform while on the go. Built for simplicity and speed, Matrix Mobile directly accesses the Matrix system to provide a host of functionality. Full searching, photos, mapping, Speed Bar and listing carts are just a few of the included features. 

Matrix also integrates with the GoMLS/Property Locator app, which enables you to stay organized and sharp on the go. Access listings, Realist® data, saved searches, maps, photos, contacts, and more, right on your tablet or mobile device. Easily share your branded app with clients and trade texts, share listings, and view favorites in real time.


ADOBE PDF is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
APPLE and IPAD are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
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Agent Support

For Matrix support, please contact your real estate board’s MLS® System help desk. 

IMPORTANT: Your account specific support contact information, user guides, tutorials, etc. will be listed in the Help section of your Matrix system.

Matrix Resources

Because each multiple listing organization has slightly different requirements, the Matrix systems shown in the following resources may differ slightly from the one you use. The functionality is largely the same, however, and should be easy to recognize in your own system.

If a specific video or guide is not yet available for your current Matrix version, please view the previous version's tutorial as the features may not have changed.

New to Matrix? Watch our Welcome to Matrix video.

Matrix 7.0  Guides

Matrix 7.0 Videos

Matrix 6.12  Guides

Video 6.12+ Videos

Quick Tip Video Tutorials

Matrix System Minimum Operational Requirements

Matrix is compatible with the latest browser versions supported by mainstream operating systems. Any computer or device capable of running a supported version of one of these browsers meets the minimum system requirements.  NOTE: Operating systems and browsers such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 8 and 9 (IE8, IE9), are no longer in mainstream support.  All users who are using a previous version of these browsers will be presented with a warning at login to encourage upgrading. 

Matrix does not support beta versions of operating systems or browsers, and will support upgrades to operating systems and browsers as soon as reasonably practical after the date when the new version of the operating systems or browser is available for shipment in new retail computers.

Desktop users who choose to use Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows 7 and Windows 8 can upgrade to IE11. Windows 10 users can use IE11 or Edge Browser. Firefox and Chrome automatically update to their most recent versions regardless of underlying operating system. Matrix Desktop supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Browser
  • And the most recent versions of:
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Android Browser
    • Chrome Mobile
    • Safari Mobile

iPad and Android Tablet users should ensure they're up to date with the most recent version of their operating system’s native browser.

Matrix Mobile supports the following browsers:

  • IOS Safari
  • IOS Chrome
  • Android Browser
  • Android Chrome
In Canada, the trademarks MLS®, Multiple Listing Services® and the associated logos are owned by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and identify the quality of services provided by real estate professionals who are members of CREA. CoreLogic is not a member of CREA but is authorized to provide certain services to CREA’s members. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
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End User Inquiries & Support

Please contact your help desk for assistance with Matrix.

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