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Rapid ReCheck provides a fast and efficient way to update incorrect or outdated information present on an Instant Merge three-bureau credit report. Results are often processed in three to five business days and include an updated FICO score, so you can respond quicker with the right loan products for your clients.

Fast, Bureau-Level Updates

When you obtain your client’s original source documentation from the credit grantor, simply forward it to us for validation by our credit specialists. Once validated, it will be forwarded to the appropriate credit bureau(s) and processed within three to five business days.

Score Updates

When the update request has been completed, your client’s credit report will be re-pulled for verification. The new file can then be forwarded directly to you, or accessed conveniently online 24/7. Rapid ReCheck will result in a recalculated FICO score. The score will reflect all of the updated information in the bureau’s file.

Score Factors

Our Instant Merge summary page includes four score factor codes – provided in order of importance – that can be used to evaluate possible rescoring opportunities. The information can be used when ordering a Rapid ReCheck to get the best results for your client.

Product Details

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Approve more loans by addressing inaccurate, incomplete or outdated credit reports

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Updates available in 3 to 5 days

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Reports sent directly to you, or accessed conveniently online

Delivers recalculated FICO scores

Fast updating of repository records