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An alternative to Residential Estimator, Residential Express™ includes all features of Residential Estimator, except costs for manufactured homes, cement fiber siding and individual yard improvements. This innovative appraisal software offers a variety of tools to guide you step-by-step through the estimating process with an easy guided-entry format. Residential Express has the ability to store data so you can be rest assured that your reports can be updated at any time.


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Product Features

Automatically selects the correct local multiplier and climate adjustment with just the property Zip Code

Trend costs back as far as 25 years

Thousands of square foot and component costs for every type of residence, including basic single-family site-built homes, low-rise multi-family apartment buildings, manufactured housing, older homes, town houses, duplexes and urban row houses

Receive quarterly updates to maintain up-to-date and accurate costs

Interpolate between quality levels

Cost indexes to more than 824 specific geographic areas

Defendable values that help you remain in full regulatory compliance

Generate cost reports such as the 1007