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Know your risk. Accelerate your recovery

There is nothing minor about a catastrophe – either in the damage it does to property or the damage it could do to your business.

No one can stop a hurricane in its tracks or steady the ground from an earthquake, but with more information and an understanding of the risk, recovery can be accelerated and resiliency can be attained.

With our comprehensive catastrophe analytic solution RQE® (Risk Quantification & Engineering) you'll get increased confidence and transparency in the results of your catastrophe modeling, make better business decisions and more effectively manage the potential impact of natural hazards.

Insurers, Reinsurers, and Brokers Use RQE to:

Better structure and price insurance and reinsurance contracts.

Understand potential financial loss to properties.

Quantify the uncertainty and range in potential outcomes in modeled loss.

Identify the drivers of natural catastrophe exposed to a particular book of business.

Pinpoint post-event damage and loss, and pre-storm landfall predictions.

Identify how to best optimize risk selection.



Global Model Coverage
RQE provides natural hazard models spanning six continents and delivers high-confidence outputs you can trust. Users can run probabilistic analyses that evaluate potential loss-causing catastrophic events involving earthquakes, tropical cyclones and windstorms, severe convective storms, brushfires, winter storms, and flooding.

Improve Customer Experience
With RQE, those who are potentially impacted by natural catastrophe risk are poised to make better decisions, improve customer experience and mobilize response in the hardest hit regions.

Workflow Integration
RQE is designed to bring easy access to information that matters. Our customizable web services interface can be integrated into your existing underwriting system to support and improve your business processes. RQE can also be deployed in a virtual private cloud.

PxPoint: A Powerful Combination
RQE leverages the power of PxPoint™, our parcel-level geocoding engine that serves as the foundation of our United States parcel data.

Snapshot of Our Models

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