Flyreel is the world’s most advanced data capture solution for property. Using a fully-automated mobile AI-assistant, Flyreel guides users through comprehensive property scans. Flyreel’s proprietary computer vision technology automatically extracts and indexes every detail of the property as it’s scanned, including features, hazards, risks, conditions, materials, and more.

In addition, Flyreel’s AI assistant is able to reason and react, like a human would, with real-time follow-up questions based on what it sees or doesn’t see to ensure complete and comprehensive data capture every time, providing Total Property Understanding™ for insurance carriers.

How It Works

Flyreel maximizes the quality and quantity of data for insurance carriers, without sacrificing user experience. Flyreel is easy to use, touchless, and convenient. No physical contact is required, allowing policyholders to capture data when it’s most convenient for them (no appointments or scheduling). Value-added features include:

  • Flyreel’s advanced communication platform delivers a white-labeled, fully configurable email and or SMS invitation to the customer, inviting them to complete their inspection.
  • Policyholders download a white-labeled mobile app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Upon entering their inspection code, Flyreel’s advanced AI assistant welcomes the policyholder and guides them through a fully configurable inspection workflow, capturing a comprehensive interior and exterior scan of the property.
  • Flyreel’s proprietary computer vision models and AI technology automatically extract that data that matters most to each carrier, integrating this into their backend system of choice in near real-time. Data can also be made available via a secure, standalone dashboard.

Why Should Clients Care (Benefits):

Flyreel’s underwriting product creates increased efficiencies for insurance companies by delivering better data, faster. On average, data from Flyreel reports have identified critical recommendations in 30% of reports, with 20% of reports providing data to correct ITV.

Using Flyreel, insurance companies gain access to ground-level truth across their book of business at an unprecedented scale, all while delivering an industry-leading customer experience. We provide the actionable data needed to identify policy-eligibility issues and/or critical recommendations that were previously only attainable through in-person interior and exterior physical inspections.

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