Geospatial Insurance Consortium


Combining innovative technology solutions with a member-centric business model, the Geospatial Insurance Consortium (GIC) provides insurers with a competitive edge in this fast-changing world.

The GIC is an initiative by the National Insurance Crime Board (NICB). As a not-for-profit, member-owned organization, GIC is trusted by the NICB and participating companies to consistently offer the most accurate, consistent, and timely “Blue Sky” (high- and ultra-high resolution imagery from across the United States) and “Gray Sky” (natural disasters and catastrophe) imagery and data. The GIC imagery meets ASPRS, class-1 professional grade standards, delivers survey-grade accuracy, and is built for AI.

The GIC imagery and data library is powered by Vexcel Imaging. Vexcel is the deeply experienced market leader in aerial sensors and large-scale processing, with over 20 years of skill unmatched in the industry.

GIC’s remarkable Blue Sky library spans the highest-caliber, most accurate and complete library of oblique urban coverage, nationwide orthomosaic coverage, and metadata. Plus, our Gray Sky program is unique to the industry, providing the most comprehensive collection of high-resolution aerial data in the wake of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, flooding, and more.

All this – and more – is included in your GIC membership. There are no hidden fees. Your unlimited enterprise license lets you buy once, then use everywhere across your organization to make more informed business decisions, uncover crucial location insights faster, and unlock opportunity – all part of what we call The GIC Advantage.

How It Works

As a member of the consortium, all of the following are included in your GIC membership.

Blue Sky GIC products include high-resolution and ultra-high resolutions from across the U.S:

  • Wide area and urban maps
  • Oblique and ortho imagery
  • Multispectral imagery
  • Digital surface models

Gray Sky GIC’s program is the most comprehensive in the industry for natural disaster and catastrophe response imagery.

Most frequently used by GIC members for safer, speedier claim processing, and fraud prevention, we respond to major property impact from tornados, hurricanes, wildfires, wind, flooding, and more, at the request of our members, at no additional charge.

  • In 2020, the GIC has already flown and documented many Gray Sky events. We flew 27 events in 2019.
  • Imagery is available within 24 hours of collection, at the highest possible resolution.
  • GIC-approved partner with first responders, public safety stakeholders, and government agencies.

Computer Vision, Analytics, Automation The strength of GIC program imagery is the best choice to power your innovation.

End to End Technology Results in the Best Imagery Acquiring up-to-date, accurate and useful imagery is a time-consuming challenge for companies. GIC’s in-house, end-to-end production delivers imagery that meets ASPRS, class-1 professional grade standards, delivers survey-grade accuracy, and is built for AI.

Why Should Clients Care (Benefits):

The most experienced team, and delivering remarkable imagery.

Buy once, use everywhere – unlimited enterprise access assure the most versatile and cost-effective solutions for technical, project, and financial success. With the GIC, you save on both time and money through efficient acquisition.

Make more informed business decisions – leverage the world’s most comprehensive, high-quality imagery library to make optimized investment and risk management decisions faster and smarter.

Drive innovation and internal experimentation – empowers your labs and innovation groups to experiment and fuel new ideas. Test new capabilities where property data can be combined with other data to reveal new insights for reduced risk and improved customer satisfaction.

Easily integrate GIC imagery into existing systems – utilize a wide range of best-in-class partners for even greater industry expertise and flexibility for integration of choice.

Depend on consistently highest standards – all company systems and tools leverage the same high-resolution imagery and data to drive and informed decisions. Imagery data is specifically built for Machine Learning and AI for future innovation and growth

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