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Increasing uncertainty to catastrophic events is challenging the P&C insurance industry to revisit existing catastrophic risk management and loss adjustment strategies by improving the overall understanding of all natural hazards.

With 6 continents, 100+ countries/territories, and 180+ models, CoreLogic has the breadth, depth, and granularity to get you the data you need your way, enabling you to stand with us at the forefront of new age catastrophe modeling.

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The accessibility of these data-driven insights on a growing number of platforms from RQE®, consulting, Oasis via ModEx and beyond cements a strong belief CoreLogic holds: It's your risk. It should be managed your way.

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For up to date analysis on the latest events and a look back at how recovery and reconstruction is going for events that have already come to pass, you can visit our catastrophe risk page and keep up with the latest insights.

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Snapshot of Our Models

Over 180+ models spanning 90% of the world’s GDP. Here’s a look at just a few. You can find the rest here.

How do I get it?

The traditional ways some organizations view and analyze risk have evolved, leaving behind bulky legacy systems and manual data crunching as the need for up-to-date and accurate risk information becomes increasingly essential.

With CoreLogic, you can get your data your way—be it API, on-premise, cloud-hosted, and beyond. Your business is unique, and you should be able to get the data needed to make smart decisions in any way that’s best for you.

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Insurance Solutions

Structural Risk and Valuations

Rather than rely on a standard industry percentage, get detailed intelligence on the structural risk and value of properties in your portfolio to ensure that your clients are not over or under-insured.

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Natural Hazard and Catastrophe

Assess your market position by accessing reports and data that give you a complete view of the risk to your portfolio.

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Roof Condition Solutions

CoreLogic offers tools to help you assess the roof conditions of prospective clients from your desktop.

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Weather Verification Services

Understand the impact of severe weather to empower you to make critical business decisions about your response.

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