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Guard Constituents Against Fraud

Better protect your constituents from cybercriminals and real estate scams through the Real Estate Fraud Notification solution from CoreLogic. Our comprehensive data covering liens, deeds, and mortgages will allow your constituents to stay informed of what is happening with their property.

By providing property fraud notifications to your community, you ensure tax revenue continuity and provide peace of mind to your District Attorney’s fraud division. CoreLogic streamlines the processes that help to identify property fraud taking place in your county including prepping and delivering courtesy notices.

  • Ownership Verification: Validate ownership changes by contacting the potential seller
  • Foreclosure Fraud Monitoring: Understand and prepare for foreclosures before they happen and help protect homeowners from so-called rescue services

The New Anti-Fraud Real Estate Standard

CoreLogic, on behalf of the county:

Collects data needed to produce courtesy notices and appends fields such as mailing and situs address

Prepares and delivers notification package with a copy of the recorded document to homeowner

Provides the county with tracking, reporting, return mails and remailing

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Reach out to homeowners who may unknowingly lose their home through real property fraud. Scammers who file a false deed claiming ownership of someone else's home may go undetected by the County.

Real Estate Fraud Notification prepares and delivers a courtesy notice that alerts unsuspecting homeowners of deeds and deeds of trust recorded by the County. This insight allows property owners to take action against fraud before it escalates.

Scammers will portray themselves as a mortgage rescue service when a homeowner receives a notice of default. These perpetrators will claim to modify your loan on your behalf, thus mitigating risk of foreclosure, and take the money and run.

Real Estate Fraud Notification provides a notification program that alerts homeowners of real estate transactions such as notice of defaults and notice of sale recorded by the County.

Each year, millions of dollars in tax revenue are lost due to potential fraudulent homestead exemption claims and errors.

CoreLogic offers a comprehensive homestead exemption fraud monitoring service that can help you:

  • Identify homeowners with multiple properties within a given tax year
  • Search data across nationwide jurisdictions
  • Remind homeowners to comply with local homestead exemption laws