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Property Intelligence

The Knowledge You Need

Knowledge is power. And for residential and commercial real estate property insights, nothing makes you more powerful than the depth and breadth of data you'll find in RealQuest® from CoreLogic.

From the basics on the property itself like the overall square footage or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), fraud and risk management tools, owner and borrower activity, property transaction history, and county transaction records. We provide the right insights to make the right decision.

The Knowledge You Need
Last 9 Months real estate data

Breadth and Depth

We can tell you a lot about the neighborhood where the property is located including foreclosure activity in the area, properties listed for sale, schools, demographics and much more. You can look up nearby recent sales or historical sales. We let you decide what criteria you'd like to utilize including; radius surrounding the property, number of comparable sales, square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can also choose the date range for comparable sales enabling you to look up historical sales and market conditions for a neighborhood.

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Ownership and Buyer Data

Get More Than Just a Name

RealQuest reports are invaluable when it comes to understanding more than just property information. Yes we provide market leading property insights, but we can also provide you comprehensive and detailed information about the owners and potential buyers.

The same way our information can track the history of a property, from its beginning to its current status, we can also provide the same kind of detailed information about the owners, and more specifically, the buyers.

Comprehensive Verification

Our in-depth analysis gives you warnings about possible fraud and we provide verification services for tax and social security information. While other verification tools merely list the borrower’s adjusted gross income, we provide 18 totals from the 1040, including wages, business income or loss, other income and adjusted gross income. Our reports also call attention to any discrepancies between your borrower-supplied data and the IRS-verified information by identifying suspect data.

Utilizing background review and behavioral analysis, the borrower loan quality and fraud solutions delivered in RealQuest help clients spot a borrower's likelihood to commit the type of mortgage fraud most likely to cause financial loss.

Detailed Foreclosure Data

We can tell you if the owners are currently dealing with a foreclosure, and just where in the process that foreclosure currently stands. We can provide you with PDFs of the documents that the owners filled out when buying the property.

Mortgage Data

A Complete Picture of Liabilities and Liens

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