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Solutions to Empower Your Clients

Partner with CoreLogic® to provide high-value information to your Real Estate Agent and Lending Professional clients. Not only will CoreLogic Title Solutions provide the data and analytics that are essential to your business, but you can also engage your clients with precise property data, homeowner information and real estate analytics. Your clients will benefit from accurate real estate data that provides the competitive edge required in today's tough market.

Products and Services

Benefit from data delivered how you need it. Whether data is required for a precise area of the country, or the entire nation, we can deliver the right solution.

  • Custom Match and Append Services
  • Customized Market Share Reports (residential and commercial
  • Distressed Property Sales Reports Detailing Short Sale, REO and Investor Activity
  • Geography-Based Market Trend Reports
  • Nationwide Data Searches
  • Short Sale Report
  • Transaction Data for Mapping Applications
  • Underwriter Life of Risk Analysis

Discover what Custom Data Solutions can do for you. 

See your market from a different angle. Analyze your market with access to data on more than 1,400 of the most populated counties nationwide.

  • Monitor sales performance by loan, transaction type and branch office.
  • View loan by product or geography to uncover competitor’s strategies.
  • Spot markets for geographic expansion.
  • Customize searches monthly or quarterly over the most recent three years, including current month to date and year to date searches, allowing you to compare current and historical activity.

Plus, you can pinpoint title company and lender relationships to determine what your competitors are doing that succeeds and what fails.

Using RealQuest, your clients will benefit from reduced costs, save time and improve the quality of information used for verification, compliance, analytics, collateral valuations, fraud detection and list kits. Clients benefit from all-encompassing property and ownership search engine of property and ownership data and analytics that minimizes cost and increases productivity. Plus, they will have access to a solution to aid in managing customer service and research costs as well.

  • Automated Valuation Models – Use GeoAVM Core™ or GeoAVM Precision™ from CoreLogic for the most accurate, instant and cost-effective valuation methods in the industry, or select from 10 valuation models to create your own cascade.
  • eCommerce feature allows instant access (to your clients) to purchase reports on-demand when needed.
  • Foreclosure Activity Report – Gain access to the latest information on foreclosures to assist with loss mitigation and investing.
  • Legal & Vesting – Instantly access short legal descriptions, owner vesting and mortgage transaction history. Information contained includes: Owner Vesting, Subdivision, Legal Lot and Block, Legal Book/Page and Assessor’s Parcel Number.
  • Mapping Solutions –  Include flood maps, street maps with aerial overlays and parcel maps.
  • Property Detail Report  – Quickly obtain comprehensive information on a property including property characteristics, AN, owner vesting, location, zoning & flood data, mortgage recording information and sale price.
  • Sales Comparables  –  Gain insight on what is happening in the market pertaining to a subject property, including an accurate assessment of recent property sales and historical depth of transactions.
  • Voluntary & Involuntary Lien Report – Analyze lien positions and quickly understand a property’s financial situation quickly.

RealQuest Professional is your one source for Property Information, Homeowner Data and Real Estate Analytics.

REiSource combines best-in-class property information with real estate trends and marketing tools to help you improve efficiency and grow your business, while streamlining operations and minimizing costs. Become an invaluable asset to your clients and deliver a solution to make customer relationships stronger with the most efficient gateway for real estate information.

Find your best prospects while growing your existing customer base using the most comprehensive property and ownership database coupled with industry-leading features, including:

  • Reports and Trends
  • Real Estate Prospecting Lists with Farming
  • Custom Solutions
  • Complimentary Marketing Collateral
  • Self-Serve Account Management

Quality Data

Reliable data is the cornerstone of intelligent business positioning. CoreLogic offers best-in-class real estate data to provide the competitive edge that is required in today's tough market.

Our experience spans over 50 years of specializing in real estate information. That commitment, coupled with innovative technology and analytics, delivers you the largest collection of U.S. based real estate information consisting of more than 3,085 counties and 97 percent of all U.S. real estate transactions and currently is used by more than 600,000 professionals nationwide.

What Does the Quality of Our Data Mean to You?

  • Our unparalleled coverage means improved hit rates and analytics
  • The deepest historical archive available means immediate access to deeds, parcel maps and document images providing superior insight into property research, modeling and trending
  • Continuous expansion means more data and a competitive edge for your applications
  • Comprehensive market analysis means increased revenue by creating penetration strategies in untapped or under-served markets

The CoreLogic Advantage

CoreLogic offers the longevity, financial stability, data and technology you can depend on. Find out how our solutions can provide the keys to greater success and profitability today.