Add Actionable Insight to Your Underwriting

CoreLogic provides comprehensive solutions designed to help you manage costs, accelerate your processes, and deliver the best user experience across a wide range of industries.

Mortgage Finance

Our Mortgage Solutions help you streamline origination and servicing workflows, accelerate turn times, and improve efficiency while maintaining the highest quality.

Credit Reporting

Instant Merge by CoreLogic gives you a current and balanced view of a borrower’s credit history. Using our patented Merge Logic technology, we create a three-bureau credit report that includes the most up-to-date tradeline information.

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Mortgage Verifications

Income Verification

The industry’s fastest income verification tool, 4506-T Direct, provides easy-to-read reports on borrowers’ income going back four years.

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Identity Verification

Leverage ProScan ID to help you verify your borrowers identities, detect fraud, and satisfy CIP and Red Flag Rule requirements.

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SSN Verification

Verify Social Security numbers in minutes with ProScan SSN and SSN Confirm, featuring easy web access and real-time tracking.

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Employment Verification

Get fast, documented, third-party verification of employment and income to help you manage QM/CFPB requirements and reliably calculate DTI ratios.

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Verification of Military Status (VOMS)

CoreLogic VOMS services help you comply with SCRA requirements. Get large batch orders delivered via SFTP in an easy-to-understand digital format.

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Flood Solutions

CoreLogic Flood Zone Determination Services help guarantee your compliance with federal regulations during loan origination. Our streamlined technology processes 93 percent of requests within minutes.

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Fraud Management

Protect your mortgage portfolio from fraud risk with a range of products designed to identify fraudulent activity before it affects your bottom line.

LoanSafe Fraud Manager

Mitigate fraud with our patented fraud recognition models, powered by data on 99 percent of U.S. properties and a vast consortium of over 100 million loans.

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LoanSafe Risk Manager

Streamline your underwriting and help reduce buyback risk with a powerful combination of fraud and collateral risk analytics tools.

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LoanSafe Collateral Manager

Reduce collateral risk exposure associated with foreclosure and severity of collateral-related loss events with a single source for property details, nearby sales and market analysis.

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Multi-Closing Alert Program

Curb shotgunning fraud by receiving same-day alerts when our system detects other loans closing on the same property in your portfolio.

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CoreLogic offers a selection of services to help keep your underwriting processes in compliance with state, federal and GSE requirements. Avoid buybacks, fines, fees and other penalties with powerful tools that automate and streamline your business.

LQI Compliance

Leverage FinalCheck, a suite of FCRA-compliant prefunding risk evaluation products, to help you meet Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative.

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ATR/QM Compliance

Use CoreLogic tools to help you comply with the CFPB’s Qualified Mortgage standards and Ability-to-Repay rule.

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Property Tax

Property Tax Estimator

This tool provides accurate and automated property tax estimates to:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase productivity
  • Consistently estimate closing costs and escrow amounts

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Property Tax Services

Comprehensive real estate property tax solutions from start to finish, including:

  • Data procurement, standardization, reporting
  • Tax payment processing
  • Outsourcing / staff augmentation

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Property Valuation

Get fast and accurate valuations on the properties you’re underwriting with CoreLogic Valuation Solutions. We offer a wide range of flexible options to meet your needs, from property inspections to automated valuation models to valuation management software.

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Condo Lending

Improve the efficiency of your condo loan project data collection with CondoSafe. This one-stop condo project review tool provides simple, standardized and cost-effective reports at a flat rate in one easy step for faster and more confident loan decisions.

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CoreLogic provides complete, current and connected solutions to modernize and transform your insurance underwriting process.

Structural Risk and Valuations

CoreLogic helps you value residential and commercial properties more accurately. We’ve spent the last eight decades perfecting our methodology and continue to validate our reconstruction estimates so that you get the accuracy you need to protect homeowners and your business.

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Natural Hazard and Catastrophe

Our PhDs have perfected the science behind assessing risk of both natural and not so natural hazards. What could happen? What if it happens? What did happen? We answer those questions with accuracy you can trust at POS and beyond.

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Myriad Underwriting Center

This turn-key platform enables workflow automation, straight-through processing and consistent decisioning. Integrated with rich property content as well as communication, analytics and reporting tools, this platform has proven to give carriers 4 to 7 times the ROI.

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Roof Condition

CoreLogic makes it easy to determine the probable age, condition and characteristics of a roof so you can accurately gauge the risk. Our roof measurement reports also provide a quick way to estimate the cost of potential roof claims.

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