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Comprehensive Valuation Tools for Your Business

Valuation Technology

We offer advanced appraisal management software platforms to streamline and improve your valuation operations.

Analytic Valuations

Get configurable, intelligent and secure data solutions to deploy and manage valuation methodologies with ease.

Valuation Services

From full appraisals to alternative valuations, we provide a range of services designed to accelerate your cycle times.

Valuation Technology

Our technology platforms connect you to the valuation ecosystem, helping to improve your:

Time to Close

Our platforms connect lenders to appraisers and streamline your workflow, allowing you to close more loans.

Cost of Closing

Increase your operating efficiencies to cut costs and reduce manual labor as well as avoid fees and expensive delays.

Customer Satisfaction

Create a more positive customer experience with quick turnarounds and increased engagement.


Automated quality reviews such as GAAR and RealView are used by 1,000+ lenders, providing a fast and effective way to avoid buybacks.

Fallout Rate

Streamlining your workflow helps keep borrowers engaged and reduce wasted costs due to fallout.

Efficiently manage your appraisal operations with state-of-the-art technology:

Collateral Management System

Collateral Management System provides workflow and analytic tools and technology that covers every stage of the loan cycle for large size lenders.

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Mercury Network

Mercury Network provides a full suite of appraisal vendor management software and collateral quality-control solutions for medium-size lenders.

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Appraisal Scope

Appraisal Scope optimizes business productivity and workflow solutions for Appraisal Management Companies.

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Analytic Valuations

CoreLogic powers our valuation tools with the best data on the market, allowing us to create automated valuation models (AVMs) and Home Price Indexes (HPI) that consistently deliver outstanding speed, accuracy and hit rate.

Total Home Value

The next step forward in automated valuation models (AVMs), Total Home Value from CoreLogic leverages the latest technologies to deliver accurate valuations based on your specific business needs.

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CoreLogic HPI™

We incorporate more than 40 years of repeat sales transactions to provide the most current, comprehensive set of home price indexes.

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Valuation Services

CoreLogic Valuation Services help your business Speed Ahead™ of the competition with the industry’s leading cycle times.

With innovative technology and the largest reserved capacity of staff appraisers, we deliver orders consistently faster, with lower correction rates and exhaustive quality control to help you close more loans.

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