React Quickly When Mother Nature Strikes

Severe weather can dent your portfolio more than you might expect. Since 2008, severe convective storm insured losses have exceeded $10 billion every year according to the 2015 Swiss Re Sigma Report. Carriers must not only put additional focus on prevention and remediation, but also be able to react quickly and accurately when mother nature strikes.

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Better Weather Data for Faster Decisions

Our weather verification insights help you understand the impact of severe thunderstorms from a single point on the earth to your entire portfolio. We put these powerful technologies at your fingertips so you can make critical business decisions after a severe weather event has occurred.

You’ll know the precise location, severity of damage and exactly which properties were affected – allowing you to deploy resources in near real-time, and improve your overall claims processing and catastrophe response.

Hail Verification

Hail Verification Built from Actual Events

Hail damage claims can vary widely from one year to the next. Not only are they hard to predict, but they’re also costly, as hail and wind damage encompass the largest categories of property damage expenses. Historically, many insurance carriers have relied on hail verification products that were intended for public safety needs and focused on what a hailstorm might potentially produce – not what actually occurred. Not only can we give you a hail risk score to determine the risk, but we also help you verify actual hail fall, including the precise location and size of the hail. You can get everything from color-coded impact maps to custom alerts to address-specific hailstorm reports.

Wind Verification

Science That Solves the Unseen

Wind is invisible, and it can vary widely over small geographic distances. Traditional point measurements are limited, error-prone and are located at airports – not where most of us work and live. Instead, we combine proprietary storm model inputs to create multiple objective viewpoints of storm paths and intensities. This helps you identify wind speed and severity through address-specific, color-coded maps and reports so you can proactively respond to customers and deploy resources with precision.

Lightning Verification

Striking Insights for Lightning

Our lightning reports save you critical time and money by helping you quickly identify the cause and date of damage. The reports help you confidently verify or exclude lightning as the cause of loss for all lightning claims. We can also help increase your claims automation by applying rules-based decisioning.