Transforming Raw Data Into Meaningful Info for Your Business

Recognized worldwide as the premier supplier of U.S. real estate, mortgage, consumer and specialized business data, we supply high-value information, analytics and outsourcing services that thousands of companies use to make timely and insightful decisions. The next time your business is looking for a competitive advantage, talk to us.

At CoreLogic, we put the sharp minds of more than 5,000 dedicated professionals to work on supplying the constant stream of public and private sector information that flows into our proprietary data library.

Through partnerships and third-party resources, we also draw from leading repositories of other major types of business data, maintaining the highest quality, currency and comprehensiveness of any database available. This translates to a greater ability to overlay information that produces potent business insights such as:

  • Matching legal documents and transactions to tax assessor information
  • Capturing, overlaying, and parsing multiple names to reveal key characteristics
  • Standardizing universal codes across all states, counties and jurisdictions
  • Mining multiple databases to unlock hidden facts (e.g. ARM details)
  • Refining valuations with overlaid demographics, statistics, etc.

Don't become a casualty of "garbage in, garbage out" mentality. Count on our data integrity when making key business decisions.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis. The world of market research relies on these two vital information categories to gain effective insights.

At CoreLogic, we bring you both by providing the most comprehensive database coverage in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. In the United States alone, we cover 99 percent of all properties, which equates to 147 million properties and 99.9 percent of the population. With this breadth and depth of data, you can be sure your business decisions are based on a true picture of the market.

What can you expect from our database? Some highlights include:

U.S. real estate transaction assets

  • Approximately 4.5 million real estate transactions per month, depending on market volume
  • Historical data on 740 million real estate transactions

U.S. property tax databases

  • 95 percent of county, municipal and special tax districts
  • Tax information on 154+ million parcels
  • Tax delinquency records on 25 million properties

U.S. parcel dataset

  • 3,046 counties and townships
  • 157.6 million parcels
  • Full integration with tax databases

U.S. borrower credit access

  • 100 percent of borrower credit reports
  • 100 percent of borrower census demographics

U.S. mortgage application databases

  • 193 million mortgage loan submissions
  • 80 percent of mortgage applications
  • 85 percent of loan servicing files
  • Direct contributions from Fannie and Freddie

New insights reveal strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages, business opportunities and more. That’s the power behind our analytic solutions.

With our rigorous standardization process and wide spectrum of data types, we saw the capability to expand the value of information beyond predictable boundaries. This led us to pioneering “linkable data” – connecting unrelated pieces of information to produce a new generation of algorithmic analytics and predictive modeling.


We’re Focused on the Details

In the world of data collection, order is everything. At CoreLogic, we begin by applying strict standardization to all incoming data. Because we gather data from a wide array of sources in numerous formats with all kinds of anomalies, we adhere to a rigorous governance program to create a structural foundation.

Our databases are also dynamically updated 24/7/365, continuously receiving and applying new information as it becomes available to provide you with timely information.

Our Data Assurance Process Includes:

All data checked at aggregate level for inconsistent behaviors and greater-than-expected changes from prior reporting

All data checked at aggregate level for inconsistent behaviors and greater-than-expected changes from prior reporting

All data run through automated edit checks to catch anomalies

All data run through automated edit checks to catch anomalies

Irregular data verified against outside sources – or removed

Irregular data verified against outside sources – or removed.

Data must make sense, fit your needs and meet specific regulatory standards. To meet those requirements, we normalize our databases by eliminating redundant information and ensuring that dependencies are logical and query efficient. Given the heavily regulated nature of much our data, our cleansing process includes making sure that information complies with appropriate regulatory and client standards.

We protect our data with physical and digital security measures. Our data centers are built on base-isolator shock absorbers so that they can withstand temblors many times the magnitude of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. In addition, advanced digital security protects against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption or modification. Ongoing security procedures include security audits, regular system testing, rigorous staff training and continuously updated business-continuity planning.

Some features of our data security include:

  • Ongoing assessments to monitor risk and compliance
  • Access rights and data-use monitoring to find and fix vulnerabilities
  • Close monitoring of sensitive files to identify noncompliance arising from rule changes
  • Rigorous adherence to legal, industry and client standards

Property Data

If It’s There, It’s Here

With more than 300 million people in the United States, the volume of existing property information is vast. Where do you go when you need access to the most comprehensive, current and accurate real estate data available? To the source – CoreLogic.

Our property and homeowner data repository covers 99 percent of the U.S. population. That’s more than 147 million properties sourced from relevant industry and government entities.

More than 600,000 users access our homeowner and property database annually, including sales agents, appraisers, brokerages and multiple listing organization. Whether you need data to prepare a presentation, map out an investment proposal, evaluate a property site or launch a lead-generation campaign, we can pinpoint what you need.

  • Land and property characteristics
  • Property ownership data
  • Property tax payment status and history
  • Property sales information and history
  • Real estate owned (REO) data
  • Multiple listing information and history
  • Flood hazard information
  • Geocoded tax, parcel and hazard data
  • Home price indices (HPI)
  • Assessor maps and parcel polygons
  • Property photos, building sketches
  • Legal descriptions
  • Involuntary liens and judgments
  • Recorded document images

Sometimes, data is all you need. Other times, you need the benefit of data that has been aggregated, synthesized and formatted to provide greater insight. Our property and homeowner information database powers some of the real estate industry’s leading research and analytic tools including:

RealQuest Professional
RealQuest® Professional is the nation's largest online property information database, giving real estate professionals instant access to accurate, exportable data on 97 percent of all property transactions in the U.S. It was built for professional organizations requiring flexible search options from more than 90 search criteria, on-the-fly reporting, an all-encompassing array of mortgage analytics, advanced automated valuation solutions, mapping solutions and delivery options.


GeoAVM Cascade Suite
The GeoAVM Cascade Suite derives its name from our geopreferencing sorting system that delivers impartial accuracy by analyzing each AVM’s historical performance by location to determine an optimal cascade.

Do more, faster and better than ever before. The productivity tools we offer not only make this goal realistic, they make for an enjoyable business day.

AgentAchieve offers a family of productivity modules that real estate brokerages can use individually or as a companywide productivity system.

Realist seamlessly integrates our public-record database with any web-based multiple listing service (MLS) system, providing MLS users with practical and insightful information.

Marketrac provides lenders, title companies and builders with an interactive, robust means to measure competitive market share and volumes by geographic area, transaction and loan type.


ListSource provides a competitive advantage by combining property information with homeowner demographic, mortgage, and other data elements.

We provide you with tools that make data more meaningful, robust and fruitful.

Match & Append Database Services
Match & Append Services link the nation's largest property and ownership databases with the largest network of field researchers, data analysts, and real estate experts to provide a wide range of data enhancement and business process services. Whether you are looking to complete your files or append information and analytics for business analysis, Match & Append Database Services gives you instant access to accurate, complete and timely information.


From Acquisition to Securitization and Every Step In Between

Never before have mortgage industry professionals had a greater need for superior data to help them make business decisions. As the leading provider of end-to-end mortgage lifecycle solutions, we work with you to help solve today’s toughest industry challenges. Our advanced technology, data and services help you stay competitive, with comprehensive analytics, risk mitigation, portfolio monitoring and valuation solutions that enable.

With mortgage data that covers the entire life cycle, we work with financial institutions of all types to get the information necessary to mitigate loan risks and build revenues. From application through underwriting, securities issuance, investment and servicing, our data types include:

  • Mortgage applications
  • Recorded mortgages, including juniors and private-party loans
  • Servicing, including delinquencies, pre-payments and performance data
  • Mortgage modifications, assignments and satisfactions
  • Preforeclosures and foreclosures
  • MBS and ABS delinquencies, prepayments and performance

An interesting thing happens when you combine raw data from different sources―new insights appear. At CoreLogic, we provide mortgage information as raw data for analytical tools and as integrated data that powers our many analytic solutions. With analytics, you can pinpoint underlying performance flaws and project future scenarios, both in complex mortgage portfolios and mortgage-backed securities. Enlighten your decisions with integrated mortgage solutions such as:

Project the likely behavior of pools, portfolios and loans with Risk Model.
Leveraging the industry's most comprehensive mortgage databases, RiskModel employs Monte Carlo simulation technology to predict the full range of potential outcomes to specific scenarios.


Real Estate Analytics Suite
Real Estate Analytics Suite offers the most accurate current HPI.
It also forecasts coming HPIs and includes market, valuation, listing, and commercial trend-analysis tools. Real Estate Analytics Suite delivers the only housing price index that’s completely rebuilt monthly from new national data.


Commercial Mortgage
Identify commercial properties with maturing mortgages, pierce ownership veils and identify distressed and near-distressed holdings.
Our commercial mortgage data and analytics enable you to do this and more via access to our comprehensive securitized and nonsecuritized databases.


TrueStandings Servicing
TrueStandings Servicing enables risk managers to evaluate and benchmark loan portfolios against competitors and the market as well as identify principal types of risk and their underlying causes.


LoanSafe Fraud Manager
LoanSafe Fraud Manager uses patented predictive-analytics scoring technology and exposes suspicious mortgage loans at the application stage, enabling you to quickly identify each loan's fraud risk prior to funding.


FraudMark UK
Identify UK-specific fraud risk at any stage of the mortgage process. FraudMark UK uses advanced pattern recognition technology and predictive analytics from loan application through portfolio management – providing accurate, automated fraud protection.

Make your time count with productivity solutions from CoreLogic. Our extensive mortgage applications and workflow solutions focus on the growing challenges facing today's mortgage professionals.

IntelliMods™ is a Web-based, loan modification application that automates and streamlines decisioning and document generation to increase pull through rates and provide auditable reporting and tracking 


Loan Origination System
Loan Center is a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution that connects applications, data, rules, resources, partners and users on a single networked always-on platform. 

Business intelligence can be amplified dramatically by augmenting it with another data source. For example, deepen property and ownership data by combining it with census data. We combine data sources with analytics to create practical, informative tools you can use to improve your business intelligence.

Real Estate Analytics Suite
The Real Estate Analytics Suite is a family of analytics modules that extend monthly CoreLogic HPI data by adding relevant information and modeling the results to reveal current and future trends – translating raw numbers into useful knowledge. 


LoanSafe Risk Manager Suite
LoanSafe Risk Manager Suite incorporates pattern-recognition technology to model property, neighborhood, ownership, and consumer data and predicts borrower and mortgage risk related to unusual collateral volatility and popular fraud scenarios. 

With advancing technologies and new services constantly emerging, today’s rapidly shifting business environment makes due diligence imperative.

Given the need for market transparency – and our unmatched data assets – we rethought the traditional due diligence approach. We call it New Diligence.


A Broader Picture of Consumer Behavior

At CoreLogic, we provide consumer credit and demographic data that extends the value of our real estate, mortgage and securities solutions. By aggregating consumer data from public and proprietary sources along with our real estate and property information databases, we provide the clarity to make sound decisions. In addition, our data resources allow us to bring you products and services that you can offer to your customers.

We provide consumers with several ways to take advantage of our data resources.

Designed to augment the existing consumer credit reporting processes, CreditIQ provides supplemental credit data not typically available from the traditional credit repositories. The aggregation of consumer data includes over 700 million records from CoreLogic proprietary databases including: consumer property ownership and mortgage obligation records, property legal filings and tax payment status, rental applications and evictions, and consumer-specific bankruptcies, liens, judgments and child support obligations.


Consumer Disputes Resolution
Credit information from CoreLogic Credco includes free consumer access to our FCRA compliant Consumer Disputes Resolution services, including investigation, consultation and working on behalf of consumer to correct missing or mistaken bureau data.

ePropertyWatch Pro
ePropertyWatch Pro lets real estate brokers offer their clients free ePropertyWatch subscriptions that automatically alert them by email to changes in the value of their properties, neighborhood sales, nearby foreclosure activities, local housing trends.


ValueMap is an easy-to-use, map-based valuation service that integrates into real estate websites to help consumers determine home values and available equity--delivering detailed property information and a variety of market indicators.


AgentAchieve Broker Website Property Search
One of the modules in the AgentAchieve family of real estate broker productivity and business management tools creates brokerage-branded websites for its agents that feature sophisticated consumer self-serve property searching.


Credco CreditXpert helps counselors identify opportunities to optimize consumer credit scores – including feedback on specific actions they can take to enhance their credit standing and using a simulator to see the impact of such changes in advance.


Consumer Fraud Restoration
Our Consumer Fraud Restoration service helps consumer victims of identity theft – with our experts evaluating the fraud from all sides, providing a detailed recovery action plan, then assisting in dealing with financial institutions and documenting the results.

We link consumer and property information from disparate databases inside and outside the company using a methodology called "inference". The following breaks down how inference can work:

  • Proprietary algorithms – These can infer a match between loan data from our securities or servicing databases and existing property addresses
  • Credit provider partners – They enable another proprietary algorithm to connect existing property addresses with consumer public records.

Examples of programs that use inference methodology to enhance loan data include:

Vector Securities
Vector Securities identifies risk in loan portfolios and RMBS by deconstructing them to their underlying loans, updating collateral valuations with HPI and AVM data, and finding actual lien and other obligations using TrueLTV inference-based ownership data. 


TrueStandings Servicing
TrueStandings Servicing monitors and evaluates servicing loan portfolios using inference-based borrower performance and delinquency prediction analysis – drawing on ZIP code-level bankruptcy, REO, prepayment, roll-rate, and other diagnostics. 


Teletrack Nontraditional Credit Reporting
Teletrack Nontraditional Credit Reporting contains multi-dimensional credit performance information – much of it developed by inference – including credit scores, Social Security validations, open/paid loans, open/paid charge-offs, consumer dispute information. 


Instant Merge
Instant Merge incorporates inference-based logic in assembling accurate, balanced borrower credit histories – including current credit scores, up-to-date risk scores from FICO, Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, any history of bankruptcy. 


Red Flag Solution
Under the Red Flags Rule, auto dealerships must implement an identity theft prevention program. Our automated Red Flag Solution integrates inference-based credit reporting and identity verification with OFAC screening and compliance reporting. 

With advancing technologies and new services constantly emerging, today’s rapidly shifting business environment makes due diligence imperative.

Given the need for market transparency – and our unmatched data assets – we rethought the traditional due diligence approach. We call it New Diligence.