Erin Waldo’s Recipe for Engagement

Erin Waldo is widely known around the offices in Austin, Texas, as a knowledgeable veteran at CoreLogic Flood Services, where she’s served in Operations for more than 18 years. Employees throughout the company appreciate the infectious enthusiasm she brings when partnering with others. Her time working on a wide variety of projects and employee development initiatives has given her great insight into the company culture.

We sat down to speak with Erin and learn her perspective on what it’s like to work at CoreLogic.

Q: Can you please describe your duties at CoreLogic?

A: As a Leader in the Operations department, I have had the opportunity to manage multiple projects and initiatives – including platform redesign and migration efforts within our Life of Loan process, participation in the development and testing of new Flood Services products and, in conjunction with my role as president of Austin’s CoreLogic Connect Committee, the development and roll-out of our new Austin Career Development Program. 

In my capacity as the co-chair of the National Flood Association’s (NFA) Data & Mapping Committee, I oversee efforts regarding the identification, tracking and resolution of mapping and data integrity issues that affect both the flood determination and insurance industries. All in all, I am ultimately driven by a desire to improve our business and drive employee engagement in the process.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at CoreLogic?

A: Two words: The people. I love the collaborative environment that we have fostered in Flood Services over the years. It allows for the opportunity to create meaningful and productive relationships with coworkers, which ultimately sets us up for success – both individually and as a team.

Q: What challenges are you solving in your role?

A: My immediate focus is often on how I can improve or streamline the processes that I manage. In a more general sense, I like to tackle individual projects. Whether it be an internal platform migration, implementing process improvements to help decrease a client’s pain points, or building a new program to help employees realize career and professional development goals, I am passionate about the seeing each project through from start to finish.

Q: What inspires you?

A: I find inspiration in many places. But most often, I am inspired at work by the diversity of the projects and processes that I manage. Having a variety of different challenges to concentrate on is motivational in itself. Couple that with the desire to always provide the best possible results, and that, for me, is the recipe for personal engagement.