From Battlefield to Boardroom

Infantry officers are responsible for preparing their troops for combat. They decide how to plan, use and deploy weapon systems, patrols, orders and intelligence to ensure their soldiers complete missions and stay alive. These were among the duties Colby Park, senior leader for Automotive Credit Solutions at CoreLogic, held during his 15 years in the military.

Colby began his service in the U.S. Army Reserves, then commissioned as an infantry officer on active duty, which took him to bases from Columbus, Georgia, to Vicenza, Italy. After he and his family decided to transition from active duty, Colby found out about the LeaP program and joined CoreLogic upon separation.

“I found myself debating what my next steps were,” Colby says. “What field did I want to go into? Where could I leverage my strengths and skillset? What does ‘Operations’ mean in the corporate environment?”

These were just some of the questions he needed to figure out. But when he learned about the CoreLogic LeaP program, Colby saw an opportunity to take what he learned in the military and apply it to the corporate setting.

CoreLogic LeaP Program

Colby is one of 15 individuals to have gone through LeaP, a rotational leadership development program specifically for transitioning junior military officers with operations, logistics and leadership experience.

Created by CoreLogic in 2015, LeaP promotes accelerated development into leadership positions within our core operating areas. Participants delve into quality and process improvement initiatives as well as support strategic objectives and implementations throughout the company. The goal is for participants to advance into operations leadership or key individual contributor roles upon completion of the program.

At CoreLogic, we equate military leadership with producing exceptional results, often under the most demanding conditions. This performance ability translates well into a career at CoreLogic, where we depend on top operating talent to support our growing business.

A Mission-Accomplished Mindset

The military instills knowledge and skills invaluable to the corporate world. Military personnel undergo training to absorb as much information as possible from a variety of sources. Colby notes that the military also teaches decision-making and intuition as vital skills.

“You have to be proactive and always thinking two steps ahead,” Colby explains. “As a leader, you can’t afford to wait for things to come to you. Not moving forward means putting lives at risk.”

From leadership to teamwork and work ethic, our entire organization stands to learn from ex-military colleagues. But there are things non-military employees can teach our veterans as well, which is why LeaP is valuable to our commitment to professional development.

For more information on LeaP as well as our commitment to supporting military veterans and their families, check out our Military Veterans page.

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Colby Park, Senior Leader, Automotive Credit Solutions