A Step Up with Year Up

By Shae Demers

Since 2017, CoreLogic has partnered with Year Up, a Boston-based organization whose mission is to help young adults gain the necessary skills, experiences and support to reach their potential and have successful, meaningful careers. This is accomplished through Year Up’s one-year training program featuring six months of professional and technical skills training in the classroom, and a six-month professional internship with a corporate partner, such as CoreLogic. Since its inception in 2000, Year Up has provided training and job opportunities to more than 24,000 students in 25 cities across the nation.

CoreLogic takes pride in giving back to the community and supporting students from all backgrounds. Since our partnership began, we have hosted eight Year Up interns and are proud to have converted seven to full-time CoreLogic employees. In fact, CoreLogic’s conversion rate from an intern to a full-time employee is 87.5% in comparison to the national average of 55%! In 2019, CoreLogic was awarded the Year Up Dallas-Fort Worth’s Corporate Champion Awardhighlighting CoreLogic’s strong conversion rate, commitment to the program and staying involved with students in the program through facilitating workshops, supporting mock interviews, attending networking events and serving as professional mentors to students.  

In the first half of 2020, CoreLogic hosted two Dallas-based interns as part of our Year Up partnership: Francisco Butanda and Jessica Salazar. On July 23, they graduated in a “virtual ceremony” before accepting full-time positions with the CoreLogic Tax Team. Both interns have displayed outstanding work, dedication and resilience. Congratulations, Francisco and Jessica!

Here, Francisco and Jessica share a little bit about their Year Up program experience and their internship with CoreLogic.

What was your favorite part about going through the Year Up program?

Jessica: My favorite part of going through the Year Up program was how it prepared me for the corporate world, as well as having an opportunity to network with other young professionals.

Francisco: The part that impacts me most and, has become my favorite from going through the Year Up program, is that they helped me be prepared for the corporate world. Additionally, the program guided me to extend my communication with colleagues.

How did the Year Up program prepare you for your internship and now full-time role with us?

Jessica: The Year Up program prepared me for my internship/now full-time position by providing me skills that now come in handy; for example, they required a course in Excel, which now I use day to day at CoreLogic.

Francisco: The program has taught me skills such as writing professional emails and giving and receiving feedback. That has helped me so much during my internship and now in my full-time job.

What did you enjoy most about your internship experience at CoreLogic?

Jessica: What I enjoyed most about my internship experience at CoreLogic would be the amount of support I received—everyone was willing to assist me and lend a hand.

Francisco: CoreLogic is a fantastic company. I love that they treat you like family and are united as one.