Supporting Our Military

In honor of the sacrifices that our nation’s men and women in uniform make for our country, CoreLogic is committed to helping veterans and their families empower their professional and academic goals. We are proud supporters of our military and the veteran community through our employee resource groups, our LeaP leadership program for transitioning junior military officers, and our charitable partnerships with organizations such as the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Carry the Load and the World War II Foundation.

Since the inception of the MEA in 2018, we have donated:

  • Nearly $30,000 to the Carry the Load Foundation
  • More than 1,300 toys for the Toys for Tots Foundation in 2019 and 2020
  • More than $1 million to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
  • Nearly $250,000 to the World War II Foundation

About LeaP

CoreLogic is continually developing top operating talent to support our growing business. As CoreLogic evolves, we look to high-performing talent to accelerate our transformation, sponsor innovation and drive performance.

CoreLogic has created LeaP—an operational leadership program specifically for transitioning junior military officers with demonstrated operations, logistics and leadership experience to add the insights of military veterans to our team.

Through a series of three rotations, LeaP Associates have the opportunity to learn about our operational business units, engage in quality and process improvement initiatives and ultimately advance to leadership roles of impact and influence at the completion of the program.

LeaP is a formal experiential training and development program designed to accelerate the transition to the private sector while taking advantage of the knowledge, learning and experience gained through active military service.

To learn about opportunities through LeaP, visit our job listings.



Hear from some of our former LeaP associates or other CoreLogic veteran employees below.


Anastacia Marchand

Anastacia Marchand

LeaP Graduate and currently Sr. Professional of Data Solutions Engineering

U.S. Army, Military Intelligence

“Leadership development programs are a dime a dozen in today’s workforce—especially for transitioning military officers. What CoreLogic brings to the table with their program is a unique and individualized approach—no two associates follow the exact same path. Each rotation presents a new challenge and a new opportunity to grow and develop a personal brand within the company. The added benefit, with each new rotation, is a chance to build a network with different company leaders at all levels.

“As a Junior Military Officer, the team at CoreLogic didn’t expect me to know everything. They expected me to bring a unique perspective and an eagerness to learn their business. Now that I have been here almost 9 months, I know this is the place for me—I’m excited to grow with the company and make an impact.”



Heather Burch

Heather Burch

LeaP Graduate and Currently Principal of Product Management

U.S. Army, Military Intelligence

“When I transitioned from the Army, I hoped to join an innovative company that shapes their industry and values the way former military leaders can thrive in a dynamic business environment. The LeaP Leadership Program at CoreLogic is unique because it allows you to learn how different business units operate, which provides tremendous insight into the company as a whole. Within the first few weeks of my first rotation I quickly improved my understanding of sales, contracting, analytics, compliance, and product management to effectively collaborate and fulfill business initiatives. Prior to my second rotation, the LeaP HR team considered career fields I wanted to explore and identified an opportunity where the need for professionals who can rapidly take responsibility for challenging new projects is in high demand.

“As a LeaP Associate, I regularly interact with mentors whose guidance, development and genuine investment compliments my experience on rotations. There is also tremendous comradery amongst my LeaP peers who are valued members of my professional network. I truly believe that the Leadership Program will continue to foster a rewarding career with endless opportunities here at CoreLogic and I am excited for what lies ahead.”



Scott Langel

Scott Langel

Current LeaP Associate in Second Rotation

United States Marine Corp

“Like many veterans, the day I transitioned out of the Marine Corps was both an exciting yet bittersweet day. I came to personally value what the Marines valued—mission accomplishment and troop welfare. As I made my transition, I knew I wanted to work for an organization that valued those two things as well, and as I interviewed with CoreLogic, it was apparent they did. Since joining the team, I’ve been coached and mentored by countless leaders who have supported and challenged me. Those leaders have given me the opportunity to prove myself by putting me on projects that create real, tangible value for our clients.

“I’m currently in my second LeaP rotation at CoreLogic and serve as a product manager for one of our appraisal software companies. CoreLogic actively recruits veterans because they know they bring unique capabilities and perspectives to an organization. The business understands that veterans will achieve results if they have the guidance, tools and training, and decision-making space to operate.”



Stephen Quesinberry

Stephen Quesinberry

Leap Graduate; Currently Senior Professional, Account Executive

United States Army

In 2015, I made the decision to leave the military and discovered the CoreLogic LeaP Program. The LeaP program was an excellent opportunity to grow in a corporate environment, while also learning the core business functions. In my opinion, one of the more exciting aspects about CoreLogic is the fast-paced environment that embraces change. I enjoy working at an evolving company where I can affect change and make a difference.

“Currently I am a leader in Global Sales & Marketing and lead a team of Account Managers. My team is responsible for onboarding new clients, managing account maintenance and building relationships to retain clients.”

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