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As a trusted voice worldwide, CoreLogic’s® team of economists, scientists and housing market professionals are the respected go-to experts. By using the depth and breadth of CoreLogic’s property data, they take the pulse of the housing market and provide our clients with the information, insights and risk modeling they need to prepare for the future.


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Discover CoreLogic’s insights and trends on property markets that influence policy and shape the housing economy.

CoreLogic HPI™

The CoreLogic® HPI Index provides the fastest home-price valuation information in the industry. It has the most up-to-date, accurate indication of home-price movements and trends available. The complete index includes pricing history from 1976 to the present. All datasets are refreshed monthly, and the fully revised index is published five weeks after the month’s end.

Recognize pivotal signals with:

  • Market Risk Indicators—This subscription-based analytics solution provides monthly updates on the overall health of housing markets across the country. It identifies potential market downturns or upturns.
  • CoreLogic HPI Forecasts™—This subscription-based analytics solution provides a 30-year forecast horizon for two HPI tiers: single-family combined both attached and detached homes, and single-family combined excluding distressed sales.

CoreLogic Case-Shiller® Products

Our CoreLogic Case-Shiller products are versatile. They determine value for home equity loans, evaluate risk for an entire loan portfolio, model aggregate collateral value in a security, or research historic real estate valuation trends. These products clarify your tasks, simplify your challenges, and produce results that sharpen your understanding and enhance your results.

  • CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indexes™—These indexes are CoreLogic’s most trusted because they take full advantage of CoreLogic’s comprehensive proprietary public record data and combine it with the industry-standard methodology developed by Karl Case and Robert Schiller.
  • CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index Forecasts™— Moody’s Analytics forecasts of Case-Shiller Home Price Indexes provide forward-looking insight on the performance of home prices, and simulate trends for “what if” analysis. This forecast includes everything from income trends and demographics to cyclical factors like unemployment and changing mortgage rates.


MarketTrends provides key data points related to market health that are used to identify potential markets for opportunity. Within those new markets, you can benchmark and analyze performance, risk, valuation trends and local real-estate cycles. This extensive, detailed, monthly market health coverage lets you:

  • Monitor real estate trends at ZIP, county, CBSA, state and national levels to develop and fine tune investment strategies
  • Identify healthy and high-risk markets that may be trending against national averages
  • Make informed decisions about markets that may be expanding or contracting
  • Benchmark national trends against local geographies

CoreLogic Market Trends Infographic


Evaluate the Single Family Residential investment and property management process with RentalTrends. The report provides vital time metrics at the ZIP-code level. It also offers extensive coverage of rent amounts, capitalization rates and vacancy rates derived from industry leading data and modeling. With this coverage, you can reduce time and minimize uncertainty in the rental market.

RentalTrends is a critical tool for:

  • Rental income estimates
  • Disposition decisions on REO properties
  • Investment decisions on Single Family Residential rental properties
  • Asset allocation decisions about residential rental stocks (REITs) and bonds
CoreLogic Rental Trends Infographic


With deep and broad coverage of U.S. Multiple-Listing Services (MLS) data, CoreLogic ListingTrends provides monthly snapshots of time-series housing data – at the ZIP Code-level and above – from 2007 forward. It also aggregates key housing metrics, including leading indicators of house prices, listing inventories, days on market and absorption rates by listing type—new, active, pending, closed and sold.

CoreLogic Listing Trends Infographic

What CoreLogic Knows

“The run-up in home prices is good news for current homeowners but sobering for prospective buyers. Those looking to buy need to save for a down payment, closing costs and cash reserves, all of which are much higher as home prices go up. Add to that a rise in mortgage rates and the affordability challenge for first-time buyers becomes even greater.”
Dr. Frank Nothaft
Chief Economist, CoreLogic
“The pandemic has impacted CoreLogic’s HPI Forecasts over the last 12 months, creating unforeseeable and ongoing market volatility. Even with these headwinds, our forecasts were highly accurate within the November 2019 to July 2020 timeframe and continue to demonstrate why CoreLogic is the gold standard in forecasting market price trends.”
Ann Regan
Executive, Product Management, CoreLogic

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