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Ensuring you have a complete view of your customer is imperative to your marketing, lead generation, and customer retention programs. Property data can fill in gaps for your customer’s 360-profile to help you meet your customers where they are at.  Enhance direct marketing efforts to specific audience segments both online and offline in order to improve your direct marketing ROI.


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With unrivaled prospect intelligence from CoreLogic, you’ll stand out from the crowd, connecting intimately to what your leads care about.

Access Property Data Intelligence that is Accurate

In today’s information landscape, limited or antiquated technology, unreliable analysis, inaccurate data resources or missing public records can cause data gaps.

CoreLogic bridges these gaps through its CLIP™ property ID. It links and connects all property data assets no matter how they’re organized—by parcel, address, geographic location, etc. CoreLogic unlocks a true 360-degree view of any property through its past, present and future across all its products.


Grow your Market with Comprehensive Market Intelligence

Your competition is always looking for new ways to get in front of the right audience.

With CoreLogic’s robust data sets, you’ll receive access to more than 152 million households in all counties across the United States. ListSource also provides homeowner, property characteristics, mortgage, and foreclosure data, enabling you to not only find your perfect customer but to speak directly to an interested audience, as well.

CoreLogic Property Data Solutions - Grow your Market with Comprehensive Market Intelligence

Fit all CoreLogic’s Data Services to your Needs

Integrating big data into your systems can be complicated, but CoreLogic makes it easy.

Whether you are in real estate, mortgage finance, insurance, technology or the public sector, CoreLogic delivers its data services in a secured, fast and low-friction way that works for you.

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