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Ensuring you have a complete view of your customer is imperative to your marketing, lead generation, and customer retention programs. Property data can fill in gaps for your customer’s 360-profile to help you meet your customers where they are at.  Enhance direct marketing efforts to specific audience segments both online and offline in order to improve your direct marketing ROI.


How Can We Help You?

With unrivaled prospect intelligence from CoreLogic, you’ll stand out from the crowd, connecting intimately to what your leads care about.

Apply Multiple Data Parameters to Discover High Value Prospects

Retailers need cost-effective ways to engage in precise, data-driven target marketing and advertising. This is where partnering with a big data provider can help.

Acquire prospects, retain customers and grow loyalty with leading intelligence of homeowner lifestyles and demographics.* Create highly targeted homeowner direct marketing lead lists to speak directly to the audience that you are interested in.

*Certain datasets and information not available for California.

Personalize Your Digital Marketing For Success

Meet the customer exactly where they are. With Digital Audience Insights, you can ensure that you’re targeting the right prospect in social media. This integration enables advertisers to understand, pinpoint and reach audience segments with unrivaled intelligence and accuracy.

It’s easy to start.
  • Sign up with your preferred platform span (such as LiveRamp, NeuStar, or El Toro)
  • Access custom audiences from CoreLogic
  • Optimize your campaigns and reach your target audience

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