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Location intelligence is only as good as the geospatial data underlying it. Without accurate, current and complete spatial data set as the parcel and structure level you are unable to rely on systems to inform location-based decisions, understand and manage risk to sites and infrastructure, or plan for future changes.

CoreLogic® location intelligence solutions provide insights with flexible granularity from the macro to the micro, allowing users to utilize the right insight for the problem at hand. Patented technology processes combined with robust quality control procedures ensure that geographic data quality is consistent and accurate.

How Can We Help You?

Take advantage of the unique breadth of CoreLogic’s unrivaled property data intelligence.


Simplify Land Record Management

When planning the route of your new infrastructure, it is essential to have access to accurate and reliable location and physical characteristic data of properties; as well as information on ownership. Confidence in your property analysis allows you to meet commitments to your downstream users.


Find the Best Location and Property for your Plans

Accessing comprehensive and accurate location-based information is key to decision making. CoreLogic provides street and address-level location intelligence on lifestyle, real estate, crime, and fire risk on your prospective property, coupled with predictive analytics via web-based reports and streaming data.

CoreLogic Location Intelligence Infographic

Protect your Property Assets and Manage Risk

Anticipating the impact of severe weather and the critical business decisions that follow them requires a business to form robust continuity and disaster response plans. Understanding the weather event, and associated risk, is only part of what is needed to be truly prepared. CoreLogic can supply intelligence on the parcel and structure location, and value of properties in your portfolio, to ensure that you have a comprehensive plan in place.

CoreLogic Location Intelligence Infographic

Eliminate Tax Liability Surprises

Our extensive parcel and municipal boundary data helps you to determine the correct tax jurisdiction of an address above and beyond the FIPS Place Code. CoreLogic utilizes parcel or structure points meaning you can rest easy knowing your tax jurisdiction assignment is correct.

RiskMeter leverages the power of PxPoint™️, our parcel-level geocoding engine and offers Structure Footprint for true structure rooftop geocoding accuracy

What Customers Say

“In addition to exceptional and reliable service, the quality and accuracy of the data supplied has provided a foundation for sound decisions in the residential investment property field.”
Shane Sauer
Co-Founder, RentFax
“The expanded integration of CoreLogic content and web app services means tens of thousands of Esri users will have greater access to the most current and complete set of property attributes for use in real estate, retail, insurance, banking, utilities, energy and telecom markets—anywhere they are.”
Sean Breyer
Program Manager, Esri ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

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